Don't say Ramadan but say "Shahr Ramadan" (The month of Ramadan)

* Al-Allama Al-Majlisi states in Al-Bihar Book: Reported from Salim bin Saed from Imam Abou Jaa'far (Pbuh). He said that they were eight people in the home of the Imam and they mentioned Ramadan. Then Imam (Pbuh) said: "Don’t say this is Ramadan, Ramadan came or Ramadan went. For Ramadan is a name of Allah. It doesn’t come or go. What perishes is what comes and goes. Yet say "Ramadan Month." Month is added to the name and the name is a name of Allah. It is the month when Quran descended. This month that is the promise of Allah. He who seeks the way of Allah in this month and we are the way of Allah that he who follows it shall be protected by the fortress and the Imam is the fortress, and says Takbeer when beholding it shall have a rock in his balance that is heavier the seven skies and seven earths and what is in them, between them and under them." He said: "O Abou Jaa'far, what is the balance?" Imam: "O Saed you grew stronger and smarter. The Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) is the rock and we are the balance. This is what Allah said: {So that justice prevails among people} He who recites Tabkeer before the Imam and says: "There is no god but Allah that has no peer." Allah grants him His grandest contentment which allows his to be among Ibrahim, Mohammad and the messengers in the Home of Glory." He said: "What is the Home of Glory?" Imam: "We are the Home and this is what Allah said: [It is the home of the hereafter, Allah granted it to the ones who didn’t seek arrogance and corruption on earth. The best end is for the pious} we are the best end O Saed. Loving us is for the pious. Allah said {Blessed and blessing is the name of Your Lord exalted in Glory and Honor}. We are the glory and honor of Allah that blessed the servants by obeying us."
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