The Meaning of Fasting

Imam Sadiq (Pbuh) said: “Fasting is not only preventing one’s self from eating and drinking. When you fast hold back your tongues from lying, avert your sights from what is illicit, don’t dispute, don’t envy each other, don’t gossip, don’t argue, don’t curse, don’t slander, don’t oppress, don’t be bored, don’t forget remembering Allah, and don’t forget prayer. Stay silent, be patient, be honest and avoid evil people. Avoid false testimonies, dishonesty, false accusation, enmity, thinking evil of people and gossip. Look ahead at the hereafter and wait for the advent of Imam Zaman (Pbuh), waiting for what Allah had promised you and gathering supplies for your journey towards the company of Allah. Stay calm, venerated, humble, submitting wearing the humiliation of the fearing slave before his master; fearing and pleading. O you fast, let your heart be pure from flaws, your inner-soul pure from evilness and your body pure from filthiness. Be innocent before Allah from his enemies and be sincerely loyal to him. Prevent yourself in secrecy or publicity from what Allah prohibited. Fear Allah truly as He should be feared from in secrecy and publicity. Devote your entire self to Allah is the days that you fast and empty your heart from anything other than Him. Devote your powers in obeying what he ordered you. If you do all these, only then you are considered as fasting for Allah truly, obeying what He ordered. The value of your fasting decreases as much as you lack of these that I clarified. 

وسائل الشيعة ج10 ص166، البحار ج93 ص 292
Wasa'el al-Shia vol.10 p.166, Al-Bihar vol.93 p.292

(Inspected & Translated by Sayyid Shouhadaa's (A.S) Center for Islamic Research)
(تحقيق و ترجمة مركز سيد الشهداء (ع) للبحوث الاسلامية)