Narrations of his holy brith

Reported from Sheikh Al-Sadouq till it reaches in the chain to Ali Bin Maytham reporting from his father that he said: I heard my mother saying: I heard Najma, Mother of Imam Rida (pbuh) saying: when I was pregnant with my son Ali, I didn’t feel any pain or burden of pregnancy. I used to hear in my dreams, exultation and praising from my womb. This used to frighten me and astonish me but when I wake up I would hear nothing. When I gave birth to him, he put his hands on the ground and raised his head to the skies, and moved his lips as if he were talking. When his Father Moussa Bin Jaafar (pbuh) entered, he told me: congratulations O Najma with this dignity from Allah. And then she gave him the newborn in a white cloth. Then Imam Moussa recited Adan in his right ear, and recited Iqama in his left one. And then he called for water form Fourat Rivier and washed the newborns mouth and gave him back o his mother and said: take him, for that indeed he is the remainder of Allah on his Earth

1. كشف الغمّة 3/90.
Kashf Al-Ghoma vol.3 p.90

(Inspected & Translated by Sayyid Shouhadaa's (AS) for Islamic Research
(تحقيق و ترجمة مركز سيد الشهداء (ع) للبحوث الاسلامية)