The Divine Reality of The Holy Prophet (PBUHP) and his creation before creations

Reported from Ameer Elmo'mineen Ali Bin Abi Talib (pbuh) that he said: "Allah was and nothing was with him. The 1st thing he created is the Noor of his loved one Mohammad (PBUHP) before creating water, throne, chair, skies, earth, board, pencil, heaven, hell, angels, Adam and Hawwa in 24000 years. When he created the Noor of our Prophet Mohammad (PBUHP) this stayed between the hands of Allah for a thousand years standing, exalting and praising Him while Allah was looking at him and saying: "O servant of mine, you are the wanted and who wants. You are the best of my creatures. I swear by my Glory and Lordliness, if it hadn’t been for you I wouldn’t have created the orbitals. I love who loves you and detest who detests you." Then his Noor shined and became brighter. Then Allah created from him 12 mirrors (Manifestations), the 1st is the Mirror of Ability, then the Mirror of Greatness, then the Mirror of Glory, then the Mirror of Awe, then the Mirror of Mightiness, then the Mirror of Mercy, then the Mirror of Prophecy, then the Mirror of Pride, then the Mirror of Rank, then the Mirror of Highness, then the Mirror of Happiness, then the Mirror of Intercession.
Then Allah ordered him to enter the Mirror of Greatness so he entered saying: "Exalted is the All-Knowing of secrets and what is hidden" for 11000 years. 
Then he entered the Mirror of Glory saying: "Exalted is the King the Giver" for 10000 years. 
Then he entered the Mirror of Awe saying: "Exalted is who is never in need." For 9000 years. 
Then he entered the Mirror of Mightiness saying: "Exalted is the Most Generous" for 8000 years. 
Then he entered the Mirror of Mercy saying: "Exalted is the Lord of the Great Throne" for 7000 years.
Then he entered the Mirror of Prophecy saying: "Exalted is you Lord, the Lord of Glory above what they describe him" for 6000 years.
Then he entered the Mirror of Pride saying: "Exalted is the Great the Greatest" for 5000 years.
Then he entered the Mirror of Rank saying: "Exalted is the All-knowing, the Generous" for 4000 years.
Then he entered the Mirror of Highness saying: "Exalted is who has the Dominion" for 3000 years.
Then he entered the Mirror of Happiness saying: "Exalted is who annihilates things and he is not" for 2000 years.
Then he entered the Mirror of Intercession: "Exalted is Allah and praised, exalted Allah The Great." For a thousand years.
then Allah created from the Noor of Mohammad (PBUHP) 20 seas of Noor. In every sea there is knowledge that no one knows but Allah. Then Allah told the Noor of Mohammad (PBUHP): enter the sea of Glory and so he entered. Then the sea of patience, then the sea of reverence, then the sea of contentment, then the sea of loyalty, then the sea of prudence, then the sea of fear (of Allah), then the sea of repentance, then the sea of work, then the sea of more, then the sea of guidance, then the sea of preservation and then the sea of shyness. Till he finished from the last sea and came out then Allah said: " O my loved one, O Master of my Messengers, O 1st of my creations and my Last Messenger. You are the interceder at lining day. Then the Noor prostrated then he rose back and he dropped 124000 drops. Then Allah created from every drop of his Noor a prophet. When the Noors were completed it started revolving around the Noor of Mohammad (PBUHP) like the ones practicing pilgrimage revolve around the sacred home. They were exalting and praising Allah and saying: "Exalted is he who is knowledgeable and not ignorant. Exalted who is prudent and doesn’t rush. Exalted who is rich and in no need." Then Allah called: "Do you know who I am?" the Noor of Mohammad (PBUHP) was the 1st to say before all the other Noors: "You are Allah that there is no god but Him you alone with no partner. The Lord of Lords, the King of Kings.." Then Allah said: " You are the chosen for me, you are my loved one and the best of my creatures. You nation is the best nation." are the chosen for me, you are my loved one and the best of my creatures. You nation is the best nation
Then he created from the Noor of Mohammad (PBUHP) a jewel and split it into two. Then Allah looked at the 1st part with the eye of reverence and it turned into pure water and he looked at the other part with the eye of pity and created the throne from it. Then the throne settled on the water. Then Allah created the chair from the Noor of the throne, and the board from the Noor of the chair, and the pen from the Noor of the board and ordered the pen: "write my Monotheism." The pen stayed perplexed for a thousand years from the speech of Allah and when he woke up Allah told him another time: "write." The pen said: "O Lord, what shall I write?" Allah said: "write: There is No God but Allah, Mohammad is the Messenger of Allah." When the pen heard the name Mohammad (PBUHP) it prostrated saying: Exalted is Allah, the One, the Invincible. Exalted is the Great and Greatest. Then he rose his head and wrote : "There is no God but Allah. Mohammad is the Messenger of Allah" then it said: "O Lord, who is Mohammad that you coupled your name to his name?" Allah said: " O pen, if it hadn’t been for him, I wouldn’t have created you. I didn’t create my creatures but for his sake for that he is the Preacher, the Warner, the Lighting Lantern, the Interceder, the Loved one." Then the pen was dazzled from the sweetness of mentioning Mohammad (PBUHP) and said: Peace be upon you O Messenger of Allah." Then Allah said: may My peace, mercy and blessings be upon you." This is why saluting became a standard and saluting back is an obligation. Then Allah told the pen: "write what I destined and what I will create till the day of resurrection
Then Allah created the angels praying upon Mohammad and AL Mohammad and asking forgiveness for his nation till the Day of Judgment. Then Allah created from the Noor of Mohammad (PBUHP) the heaven and ornamented it with four things: "greatness, glory, generosity and trust" and he made it for his saints and people who obey him. Then he looked at the other part of the jewel with the eye of Veneration and so it melted. Then Allah created the skies from its smoke and the lands from its molten liquids.
Then Allah created the throne from two lights "the Light of Virtue, and the Light of Justice." Then he ordered the two lights to breathe and so they did. Then Allah created from them four things: Mind, Prudence, Knowledge and Generosity. Then He created Fear from Mind, and Contentment from Knowledge, and Intimacy from Prudence, and Love from Generosity. Then He mixed these things in the clay of Mohammad (PBUHP). Then He created after that the souls of the believers of the nation of Mohammad (PBUHP), then the sun, the moons, day, night, light, darkness, and the entire angels from the Noor of Mohammad (PBUHP). When the Noors were completed, the Noor of Mohammad settled under the throne for 73000 years then his Noor moved to Heaven and stayed for 70000 years, then to the Eternal Yard and stayed for 70000 years, then his Noor moved to the 7th sky, then to the 6th, then to the 5th, then to the 4th, then to the 3rd, then to the 2nd, then to the sky of Donia and it stayed there till Allah willed to create Adam (AS)[...]

* Al-Mirza Mohammad Taqi Al-Mamaqani states in Safeehat Al-Abrar Book: Jaber Bin Yazeed Al-Jo'afi reported from Hozam Al-Ansari from Jaber Bin Abdellah that he said: "The Messenger of Allah(Pbuhp) called Salman Al-Farisi, Al-Meqdad Bin Al-Aswad Al-Kindi, Abou Thar bin Junada Al-Ghafari, Ammar Bin Yasir, Huthayfa Al-Yamani, Khazeema Bin Thabet Thou Shahadatain, Abou Al-Haitham Malik Bin Teehan, Abou Al-Toufail Amer Bin Wathila, Soweid Bin Ghafla, Tameem and Sahel sons of Haneef and Bareed Al-Aslami. He brought us all on Friday morning. We gathered and Ameer Almo'mineen (Pbuh) was on his right. He (Pbuhp) prohibited anyone from entering and he ordered his servant at that time Anas Bin Malik to leave to his house. Thereafter, he turned to us with his glorious face in the sight of Allah and said: "Receive glad tidings for Allah knows what you have within yourselves of loyalty to Him, faith in Him and belief in monotheism, His angels, books and messengers. He knows your loyalty to the covenant you pledged to Him and me in secrecy and public. Thus he ordered me to guarantee for your entrance to heaven without judgment; you and those who have your same beliefs from the past people and those to come until Resurrection Day." The Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) was talking to us with his tears running on his cheeks and our tears were shedding as well because of his tears and because of the generosity, mercy, and compassion of Allah that He bestowed upon us. We prostrated to give thanks to Allah. We wanted to talk but our emotions of compassion and tears prevented us. Afterwards, the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) said to us: "You shall cry a little, yet you shall laugh a lot. I will tell you everything I know of what you like to ask me about, concerning yourselves. When you lose me, ask my brother Ali and he will tell you what I told you." So we cried, thanked and supplicated more. After that, he (Pbuhp) said to us: "You are trying to ask me about the beginning of my creation. May Allah be merciful to you! Know that Allah, holy is His Name and glorious is His Praise, was and there was nothing with him. He is the One, the Only, Solitary in His singularity, Self-Subsistent and Eternal since before time. Nothing was with him. When he intended to create the creations by His will, He created a light. He ordered me to be, so I was a brilliant shining light. I listened, saw and spoke without a body and without a way. Thereafter, he created Ali from me, Fatima from Ali and then He created Al-Hassan and Al-Hussein from me, Ali and Fatima. He created from us and from Al-Hussein his son Ali. He created his son Mohammad from him, from Mohammad his son Jaa'far, from Jaa'far his son Moussa, from Moussa his son Ali, from Ali his son Mohammad, from Mohammad his son Ali, from Ali his son Hassan and from Hassan he created his son who has my name and my nickname. He is the savior of my nation, the reviver of my way, the one who will dignify my party. Allah promised me that he will be the one who will reveal my matter over the whole religion, who will establish truth and exterminate falsehood so that the religion becomes pure to Allah. So we were lights without souls, sense of hearing, sights, sense of speaking, sense of feeling, or minds. Allah was the Creator and we were the created. Allah was the Being and we were the ones made. Allah was the Inventor and we were the invented. We were connected to Him not separated. He said the words of Tahleel (There is no God but Allah) and so we did. He said the words of Takbeer (Allah is the Greatest) and so we did. He exalted Himself and so we exalted Him. He hallowed Himself and so we hallowed Him. He praised Himself and so we praised Him. We remained as lights named, distinguished existing and eternal. We began from Him and to Him we shall return. We are lights from His light by His will and power. We neither are bored of exalting Him nor prevented by arrogance from worshiping Him. Allah after that willed and so stretched the shadows and then created the angels. Afterwards, He created the water of which humans were formed. He stretched His Throne over the shadows and then He{drew forth from the Children of Adam - from their loins - their descendants and made them testify concerning themselves, (saying): "Am I not your Lord?" They said: "Yes, we do testify."} He had knowledge of what is inside their selves. The creations were ghosts and souls in the shadows, seeing, hearing and thinking. So He took the pledge from them to believe in Him, His angels, books and messengers. Thereafter, He revealed my light to them and He also revealed Ali, Fatima, Al-Hassan, Al-Hussein and the nine Imams from the sons of Al-Hussein whom I aforementioned. Thus Allah made the prophets pledge a covenant, for Allah dignified me in this saying of His {When Allah made (His) covenant with the prophets, (He said): Behold that which I have given you of the Book and wisdom. And afterward there will come unto you a messenger, confirming that which ye possess. You shall believe in him and you shall advocate him. He said: Do you agree, and will you take up My burden (which I lay upon you) in this (matter)? They answered: We agree. He said: Then bear you witness. I will be a witness with you.}You have knowledge that my covenant was made with all the prophets and that I am the messenger who Allah ended the chain of messengers with as this saying of his, the Glorious and High, states {Mohammad is the Messenger of Allah and the last of prophets.} I swear to Allah, I was among them and I stayed after them. I was given what they were given and Allah gave me more of His virtues that He had not given anyone of His creations but me. Among these is that He made covenants with all the prophets for me and did not make a covenant with me for any other prophet. He ordered every sent messenger and every prophet to acknowledge me and to foretell his nation about me, being sent as a messenger and about my message. The proof of this is this saying of His to Moussa - Glorious is He- {Those who follow the Messenger, the Omy Prophet, whom they find mentioned in their own (scriptures),- in the Tawrat and Injeel;- for he commands them virtue and forbids them vice; he allows them as lawful what is good (and pure) and prohibits them from what is bad (and impure); He releases them from their heavy burdens and from the chains that are upon them. So it is those who believe in him, honor him, advocate him and follow the light which is sent down with him,- it is they who will prosper."} You know that there is no Omy prophet who was sent as a messenger but me. In the Injeel, Allah- glorified is His name- revealed to me of what He said to my brother Issa Bin Mariam: {and foretelling about a messenger who will come after me named Ahmad}. You know that there is no messenger named Ahmad but me. Allah shall give me the banner on Resurrection Day which my brother Ali (Pbuh) will carry and Adam along with those who came after him will be under it on Resurrection Day. He gave me the virtue of Interceding and the Hawd out of His generosity. He gave me the keys of the earthly world (Donia), its treasures and its bliss but my asceticism made me refuse, so instead he gave me the keys of Heaven and hell. Thus I gave all what Allah gave me to my brother Ali and the Imams from him. So Bliss is for them, bliss is for who followed them and the most favorable retreat is for them as well."

So we stood and said: "O Messenger of Allah, Allah was generous to us by granting us you, your brother Ali and your descendants. So we ask Allah to take our souls to him at this instant so that we do not commit a sin that defects us and takes us out of this great matter." Thus he (Pbuhp) said to us: "No, do not be afraid. You are among the ones whom Allah said about them {those who listen to the words and follow what is best of it. Those are the ones guided by Allah and they are the ones with insightful minds}."

When Jaber Bin Abdellah finished, Jaber Bin Yazeed Al-Jo'afi said to him: "Allah filled me with joy by making me see you on this day. This is due to the blessings of Allah and my Master Al-Baqir (Pbuh). Your Imam said so, for it was said by the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp)." Jaber Bin Abdellah said: "Tell all whom you encounter from the followers of the Household of Mohammad (Pbut) about what you heard from me. This is what the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) covenanted with us to do."[1]


* Al-Allama Al-Majlisi states in Al-Bihar Book: Imam Abou Abdellah Jaa'far Bin Mohammad reported from his forefathers from Ameer Almo'mineen (Pbut) that he said: "When Allah intended to create the creations, He created them as atoms before creating the earth and sky as He is Unique in His dominion and the One and Onlyin his Might. So he permitted a Light of his lights to be and so it shined and then a  ray from his brightness and so it glowed. Thereafter, the light was combined behind that unobserved image thus it was the image of our prophet Mohammad (Pbuhp). Therefore, Allah Almighty said: "You are the chosen and the electedone. In you, I will entrust My Light and the treasures of my guidance. For your sake, I will level the earth, raise the sky, mix the water, set rewards, punishments, Heaven and Hell, and appoint your household for guidance and give them of the essence of knowledge by which they miss nothing and nothing is hidden fromthem. I will set them as the argument over my creations and the preachers of My knowledge and My monotheism (Tawhid).

Thereafter, Allah took the testimony of the belief in Deity and loyalty to Monotheism. After taking what He willed to take, He made the sights of creations elect Mohammad and showed them that guidance is with him, the light belongs to him, the Imamate is in his household so that theway of justice would beprior and excuses would be preceding. Afterwards, Allah hid the creations in His concealed knowledge and then established the realms, set time, flowed water, excited foam and stimulated smoke. Thus His Throne floated on water and lied the earth on water. Next, He asked them to obey Him and so they did. After that, He created the angels from the lights of a prophecy He invented and lightsHe originated and then He coupled His Monotheism with the Prophecy of His prophet Mohammad (Pbuhp). Thus His prophecy was known in the sky before he was sent to earth.

When Allah created Adam, He showed his virtue tothe angels and showed them what He specialized him with of prior knowledge, for He made them know when He told him to teach them the names of matters. So Allah made Adam as a sanctuary and Kaa'ba to which He made all lights, spiritual beings and righteous beings prostrate. Thereafter, Allah told Adam about what He had entrusted in him and how critical is this matter that made him an Imam for the angels. Adam's share of the news was that he was told and thathe spoke of what is entrusted in him of our lights. Allah remained hiding this Light behind time, until He separated Mohammad (Pbuhp) in the purest of vessels and then he (pbuhp) called people  in secrecy and public. He reminded people of the covenant that was taken from them in the Atom Realm before the linage. He who believed him  shall be guided to his secret and shall clearly see his matter. Yet, he who was overwhelmed by unawareness shall deserve the rage and shall never beguided. This light afterwardswas transferred to our innate natures and it shined within our Imams. For, we are the lights of the sky and the lights of the earth, within us is salvation, from us is concealed knowledge and to us is the final destinationof all matters. By us,arguments are rejected and the last Imam is one of us; he is the savior of this nation, the ultimate light, and the source of every matter. We are the best of creations, the most perfect beings and the arguments of the Lord of all realms. Blessed with bounties is hewho holds onto to our Wilaya (Divine Guardianship) and grasps our handhold."[2]

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