Al-Kafi- Sheikh Al-Koleini vol.6 p.439:

Abou Abdellah (pbuh) reported that the Prince of Believers (pbuh) said: "One should dress up for his Muslim brother as he dresses up for a stranger to be seen in his finest image."


Makarem Al-Akhlaq- Sheikh Al-Tabarsi p.97:

Abou Al-Hassan (pbuh) said: "A woman's chastity augments when her man dresses up for her."


Wasa'el Al-Shia- Al-Hor Al-Ameli vol.3 p.350:

Sofia Bin Ayena said to Abou Abdellah (pbuh): "It is said that Ali Bin Abi Talib (pbuh) used to wear coarse clothes, yet you wear fine well woven clothes?!" He (pbuh) said: "Woe you! Ali (pbuh) lived in a time of distress. However, when the time improves, the pious are the ones worthy of it."


Wasa'el Al-Shia- Al-Hor Al-Ameli vol.3 p.331:

Al-Hassan Bin Al-Fadl Al-Tabarsi stated in (Makarem Al-Akhlaq) that Ibin Sinan reported that Abou Abdellah (pbuh) said: "My father owned two coarse garments in which he prayed and when he wanted to plead, he used to wear them and ask Allah to fulfill his need."


Al-Kafi- Sheikh Al-Koleini vol.6 p.445:

Abou Abdellah (pbuh) said: "Enough it is for a man to be shamed when wearing a garment or riding an animal to be famed."