His (Pbuh) birth

* Al-Sheikh Al-Toussi states in Al-Amali Book: Reported from Ibrahim Bin Ali from Imam Abou Abdellah (Pbuh) from his forefathers (Pbut), he (pbuh) said: “ While Al-Abbass Bin AbdelMoutalib and Yazeed Bin Qanab were sitting between the clan of Banu Hashem and the clan of Abed Al-Aza near the Holy House of Allah, Fatima Bint Asad Bin Hashem, the mother of Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh), came,pregnant withAmeer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) for the ninth month of her pregnancy. It was the last day of her pregnancy. She stood next to the Holy House when she went into labor, looked towards the sky and said: “O Lord! I am a believer in You, in what the Messenger brought to us from You, in every prophet of Your prophets and in every book You have sent. I also believe in the words of my forefather Ibrahim Al-Khaleel who has built this venerable house of Yours. So, I plead You for the sake of this house and who built it; for the sake of this awaited child in my womb who speaks to me and relieves my soul with his words and whom is certainly one of Your signs and indicationsfacilitate my delivery.”“ 
Al-Abbass Bin AbdelMoutalib and Yazeed Bin Qanab said: “When Fatima Bint Asad uttered these words and pleaded with this supplication, we saw the House open, Fatima enter in it and disappear from our sights. Thereafter, the opening closed by Allah’s will. We sought to open the door so that some of our women would reach her but the door did not open. Hence, we realized that it was a matter of Allah, the Most High. Fatima stayed in the House for three days while the people of Mecca spoke of this matter on the streets and the veiled women spoke of it in their homes. After three days, the House opened from the place where she had entered and Fatima came out with Ali (Pbuh) upon her arms and said: “O people, indeed, Allah Almighty has chosen me from amongst His creations and preferred me over the chosen women before me. He has chosen Asia Bint Mozahem who worshiped Allah in secrecy which is a condition in which Allah dislikes to be worshiped except in cases of necessity. Mariam Bint Omran was also chosen by Allah and He also facilitated her delivery of Issa; she shook the wilted trunk of the palm tree in a deserted land until fruits of dates fell upon her. Yet, Allah has indeed chosen and preferred me over them both and over all the women of the worlds before me, because I gave birth in His Venerable House, stayed there for three days, ate from the fruits and plants of Heaven and as I was leaving with my child upon my arms, someone uttered a call and said: “O Fatima! Name him Ali, for I am Al-Ali Al-Ala (Arabic for the Most High) and I have indeed created him from My might, from the pride of My glory and the fairness of My justice. I have derived his name from My Name, disciplined him by My manners, entrusted all my matters to him and gave him My unseen knowledge. He has been born in My House and he is the first to call for prayer (Athan) above My House, destroy the idols and throw them upon their faces. He is the first to exalt, glorify and declare that there is no god but Me. He is the Imam after my beloved prophet and chosen one of my creations, My Messenger Mohammad and he is his custodian. Hence, Touba (tree in Heaven) is for those who love and advocate him and Wayl (valley in Hell) is for those who disobey, abandon him and deny his right.”““

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