His (Pbuh) creation in nour (divine light)

* Sharaf Al-Deen Al-Husseiny states in Ta’weel Al-Ayat: Abdellah Bin Abbas (pbuh) reported that he heard the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) say to Ali (Pbuh): “O Ali, Allah existed and there was nothing but Him. So He created me and you as two souls from the light of His glory. We were beside the Throne of Allah, praising, glorifying, thanking and exalting Him and this was before He created the skies and lands. Thereafter, when He wanted to create Adam, He formed me and you from the same clay, the clay of Highness, molded us from that light and immersed us within all the lights and all the rivers of Heaven. Afterwards, He created Adam and placed that clay and light in his seed.When Allah created Adam, He withdrew his descendants from his seed and made them acknowledge and admit His Divinity. Thus, the first creations to admit His Divinity were me, you and the prophets, depending on their ranks and closeness to Allah Almighty.
Therefore, Allah Almighty said:” You said the truth and acknowledged this, O Mohammad, O Ali, and you were the first among My creations to obey me; you were this way like I knew you before this in My prior knowledge. You are the chosen ones from my creations along with the Imams who are from your descendants and your followers. This is how you were created.”“
Thereafter, the Prophet (Pbuhp) said:” O Ali, the clay was in the seed of Adam and my light and your light were between his eyes; that light is still moving from between the eyes of one prophet to another and from one chosen one to another, until the light and clay reached the seed of AbdelMoutalib, it split into two. So Allah created me from one half and made me a prophet and a messenger. He created you from the other half and made you a successor, custodian and guardian. When I was as close as I could be to Allah’s greatness, He said to me:” O Mohammad, who is the most obedient to you among my creations?” I said:” Ali Bin Abi Talib” Allah Almighty said:” Let him be your successor and custodian, for I have made him a guardian and true companion. O Mohammad, I have written your name and his on My Throne before I created anyone, because of my love for you and for all those who love, follow and obey you. Thus, whoever loves, obeys and follows you will be close to Me and whoever denies your Divine Guardianship (Wilaya) and doesn’tfollow you will be a disbeliever and will go astray.” Afterwards, the Prophet (Pbuhp) said:” O Ali, who can differentiate between us, for I and you are from the same light and same clay! You have the privilege of being the closest to me in this earthly world and the Hereafter. Your descendants are my descendants, your followers are my followers and your patrons are my patrons. You will all be with me in Heaven.”“


* Al-Allama Al-Majlisi states in Al-Bihar Book: Saeed Al-Khidri reported that he was sitting with the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) and then Salman Al-Farisi, Abou Thar Al-Ghafari, Al-Meqdad Bin Al-Aswad, Ammar Bin Yasir, Huthaifa Al-Yamani, Abou Haitham Bin Teehan, Khazeema Bin Thabit Thu Al-Shahadatain and Abou Al-Tufail Amir Bin Wathila came and sat on their kneels before the Messenger of Allah (Pbuh). Greif was apparent on their faces. They said: “May ours fathers and mothers be sacrificed for your sake O Messenger of Allah. We hear people saying about your cousin and brother matters that grieve us. We are asking you to give us permission to replay back at them.” He (Pbuhp) said: “What are they saying about my brother and cousin Ali Bin Abi Talib?” They said: “They say: “What virtue does Ali have being the first to adopt Islam for he was a child at then?” and matters like that.” He (Pbuhp) said: “Does this grieve you?” They said: “We swear to Allah, it does indeed.” He (Pbuhp) said: “Do you know from the past books that the father of Ibrahim ran away with him from the tyrant and so his mother gave birth to him between hills on the bank of a flowing river named Hazran from sunset until night. When she gave birth to him and when he settled on the ground, he stood wiping his face and head, saying: “There is no God but Allah” greatly. Thereafter, he took a cloak and dressed himself as his mother was looking at him. So she was very frightened from him. Thus he ran to her gazingat the sky uttering this saying of Allah: {Thus We showedIbrahim the kingdom of the heavens and the earth so that he might be of those possessing certainty * When the night grew dark upon him, he beheld a star. He said: This is my Lord} until His saying {I’m free of your polytheism}. Did you know that Firaon wanted Moussa Bin Omran, so he slit women’s wombs open and slaughtered babies in order to kill Moussa? When his mother gave birth to him, Allah ordered her to place him in a coffin and cast the coffin in the sea. She said frightened from him: “O son, I fear that you might drown.” He said: “Do not be grieved; Allah shall bring me back to you.” She remained perplexed until Moussa told her: “O Mother, place me in the coffin and cast the coffin in the sea.” So she did as she was ordered. He stayed in the coffin until he reached the shore and then he was brought back to his mother. He neither ate nor drank- it was reported that the duration was seventy days or seven months.- Allah said about himbeing a baby:{and that you might be brought up before My eyes Behold your sister goes forth and says “Shall I show you one who will nurse and rear him?” So we brought you back to your mother; that her eye might be cooled and she should not grieve.}. Allah also said about Issa Bin Mariam {He called her from beneath her: “Don’t grieve for the lord had provided a rivulet beneath you} until {human}. So he talked to his mother when he was born. When she pointed at him and they said “How could we talk to a baby in his cradle?” he also spoke and said {I am the servant of Allah, He granted me the book} until the end of the verse. So he (pbuh) spoke when he was born and he was given the book and the prophecy. He was also enjoined with Prayer and Zakat after three days of his birth. He talked to them after his birth in two days. You all know that Allah Almighty has created me and Ali from one Light. We were in the seed of Adam praising Allah Almighty and then He transferred us to the seeds of men and wombs of women. Our praise was heard in the seeds and wombs in every era and time until the time of AbdelMoutalib. Our light used to appear in the faces of our fathers and mothers until our names were inscribed by light on their foreheads and then our light split. So, one half became in Abdellah and the other half in Abi Talib, my uncle. The sound of our praise used to be heard from their backs and when my dad and uncle used to sit among a crowd of Quraish Clan, a light used to sparkle on their faces only. Even vermin and beasts greeted them because of their light, until we came out from the seeds of our fathers and wombs of our mothers. My beloved Jibraeel had descended at the time of Ali’s birth (pbuh) and said: “O beloved one of Allah! The Most High sends you His greetings and congratulates you with the birth of your brother Ali and says: “This is the time of the emergence of your prophecy, the declaration of your revelation and the reveal of your message. For I have aided you by your brother, minister, equivalent and successor. I have strengthened you by him and declared your remembrance. Thus rise to him and welcome him by your right hand for he is one of the Right-Hand People and his followers are the bright-faced and white-footed.” So I rose to him and saw Fatima Bint Asad, the mother of Ali, in labor among women and midwives. So my beloved Jibraeel told me: “Mohammad, draw a veil between you and her. When she gives birth to Ali you shall receive him.” So I did what I was ordered and then he told me: “O Ali, reach with your right hand towards his mother.” Thus Ali was in my hand putting his right hand on his right ear reciting Athan and Iqama, testifying  monotheism of Allah and my message. Thereafter, he turned to me and said: “Peace be upon you O Messenger of Allah. Shall I recite?” I said: “Recite.”I swear to the One who holds the soul of Mohammad in His hand, he started reciting the scriptures that Allah sent to Adam which his son Sheeth used. He recited it from the first letter to the last. Even if Sheeth was present, he would have admitted that Ali memorized it better than him. He recited the scriptures of Nouh afterwards, the scriptures of Ibrahim and then the Tawrat of Moussa. If Moussa was present, he would have admitted that Ali memorized it better than him. Thereafter, he recited the Zabour of Dawood. If Dawood was present, he would have admitted that Ali memorized it better than him. Afterwards, he recited the Injeel of Issa. If Issa was present, he would have admitted that Ali memorized it better than him. He recited after that the Quran that Allah sent to me from its beginning to its end. I found that he had memorized it like me without hearing any verse from him. Thereafter, we talked to each other about what the prophets and custodians talk about and then he returned to the state of being a baby. The same matter happens to the eleven Imams after him. So why would you be grieved? Do not bother yourselfwith the sayings of doubters and polytheists. Do you know that I am the greatest of prophets? And that my custodian is the greatest of custodians? And that when Adam saw my name, Ali’s name, the names of my daughter Fatima, Al-Hassan, Al-Hussein and their children inscribed with light on the throne, he said: “O Allah, did you create a light that has more dignity than me in your sight?” Allah said: “O Adam, if it hadn’t been for these names I wouldn’t have created a built sky, a stretched land, a close angel, a messenger-prophet or created you O Adam.” When Adam disobeyed his lord he asked him in our name to accept his repentance and remit his sin, so Allah answered him. We are the words that Adam received from his Lord and so he accepted his repentance and forgave him. Thus Allah told him: “O Adam, receive glad tidings for that these names are from your descendents and children.” Therefore, Adam thanked his lord and showed his pride of us over the angels. This is from our virtues that Allah granted us.” Thus Salman and his companions stood along with who were with him saying: “We are the winners.” Then the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) said: “You are the winners. Heaven was created for you and Hell was created for your enemies and ours.” 

The necessity of knowledge by the nour (Divine Light) reality

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