His (Pbuh) virtues 2

* Al-Mirza Mohammad Taqi Al-Mamaqani states in Saheefat Al-Abrar: Al-Sheikh Al-Ajall Mohammad Bin Abi Jumhur Al-Ihasa'ee reported from historians that they said: "A venerable great man entered the mosque of the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) once at dawn. He was tall like a palm tree, had a deep powerful voice and eyes as blazing coal. Thus great horror overwhelmed them from him. As he was talking with the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) and asking for his needs, Ameer Elmo'mineen (Pbuh) entered the mosque. When this man saw him, he became astonished and stunned by his supremacy and began to panic. Thus the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) said to him: "It is fine, stay still. Tell me what happened between you and this young man." The man said: "O Messenger of Allah, I was one of the mightiest demons at the time of Souleiman Bin Dawood. One night, I went out with my companions. We were twenty mighty demons and I was their chief. We ascended to the sky to eavesdrop. When we approached the sky, this young man came to us in the air carrying a meteor flaming with fire. He assaulted us, thus we ran away and were separated. I wanted to dive in the sea. When I became close to the sea, this young my stood in my way, blocked it and yelled at me. Thereafter, he threw that meteor on me, so I fell to the bottom of the sea." The narrator said: "He uncovered his leg; it looked like a great river or trench and the scar from the wound was apparent." Hence, the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) smiled and said: "Allah delegated Ali with protecting the inhabitants of the earth and the sky." Thereafter, Ameer Elmo'mineen (Pbuh) came and sat before the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) and that Jinni was looking at him, trembling in great fear. Therefore, the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) said: "Don't be afraid. Ask what you want." So the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) served his need and then he stood and left." [1]      



* Mohammad Bin Al-Hassan Al-Saffar states in Basa'er Al-Darajat Book: Abdellah Bin Souleiman reported that he asked Imam Abou Abdellah (Pbuh) about this saying of Allah {When a self says: "How regretful I am for neglecting and underestimating the Side of Allah}. Imam (Pbuh) said: "Ali is the side of Allah." [2]   


* Ibn Shaher Ashoub states in Al-Manaqib Book: It is reported that Imam Baqir (Pbuh), explaining this saying of Allah {The Religion in the sight of Allah is Islam} said: "Submitting to Ali Bin Ali Talib (Pbuh)" [3]


* Al-Sheikh Al-Kulaini states in Al-Kafi Book: It is reported that Ahmad Bin Mohammad Bin Abdellah, explaining this saying of Allah {I do swear by this country# and you are a freeman in this country# and a father and what he begot} said: "Ameer Elmo'mineen (Pbuh) and what he begot of Imams (Pbut)."


* Al-Sheikh Al-Kulaini states in Al-Kafi Book: Al-Thamaly reported from Imam Abou Jaa'far (Pbuh) that he said: "Allah inspired His Prophet with this: {Hold onto the revelation that was inspired to you. You are on the Straight Path indeed}. It means that you are on the path of Wilaya (Divine Guardianship) of Ali. Ali is the Straight Path." [4]


* Mohammad Bin Al-Hassan Al-Saffar states in Basa'er Al-Darajat: Abou Hamza Al-Thamaly reported from Imam Abou Jaa'far (Pbuh) explaining this saying of Allah: {The path of Allah to whom belongs what is in the skies and what is on the earth}. He (Pbuh) said: "It means Ali. Allah made Ali the one responsible for all the treasures of the skies and there is not anything on earth He did not entrust him with; {to Allah all affairs tend}."[5]


* Al-Mirza Mohammad Taqi Al-Mamaqani states in Saheefat Al-Abrar Book: Abdelwahab Al-Ashkouri reported from Bustan Al-Kiram Book: Jibraeel (pbuh) was sitting with the Prophet (Pbuhp) and then Ali (Pbuh) came. Thus Jibraeel stood for him. The Prophet (Pbuhp) said: "Are you standing for this young man?" Jibraeel said: "Indeed, I owe him the due of teaching me." He (Pbuhp) said: "What did he teach you O Jibraeel?" He said: "Allah created me and then he asked: "Who are you and what is your name? Who am I and what is My name?" So I was perplexed and did not know what to answer. Therefore, this man came to me from the world of lights and taught me what to say. He said to me: "Say: 'You are the Glorious God and Your name is Al-Jameel (The Splendor). I am the servile servant and my name is Jibraeel." This is why I stood in respect for him."

The Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) said: "How old are you O Jibraeel?" Jibraeel said: "There is a star that rises once from the Throne every thirty thousand years. I saw this star rise thirty thousand times." The Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) said: "If you saw this star, would you know it?" Jibraeel said: "How can I not?!" He (Pbuhp) said to Ali: "Raise your turban from your forehead." When he raised it, Jibraeel saw that star on Ali's (Pbuh) forehead."[6]


* Al-Sayyid Hashim Al-Bahrani states in Madeenat Al-Ma'ajiz Book: Reported from Muntakhab Al-Tarihi Book, a group of companions said: "The Prophet (Pbuhp) went to Fatima's (Pbuh) home and said: "O Fatima, your father is your guest today." She (Pbuh) said: "O Father, Al-Hassan and Al-Hussein are requesting something to eat, but there is not any food for them." The Prophet (Pbuhp) entered and sat with Ali, Al-Hassan and Al-Hussein (Pbut). Fatima was perplexed, not knowing what to do. Thereafter, the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) gazed at the sky for a while. Thus Jibraeel descended and said: "O Mohammad, The Highest of All greets you with peace and honor and tells you: "Ask Ali, Fatima, Al-Hassan and Al-Hussein about what they would like to have from the fruits of Heaven?" The Prophet (Pbuhp) said: "O Ali, O Fatima, O Hassan, O Hussein, The Lord of Glory knows that you are hungry. What do you like to eat from the fruits of Heaven?" They did not talk, because they were shy from the Prophet (Pbuhp). Afterwards, Al-Hussein (Pbuh) said: "After your permission O Father Ameer Elmo'mineen, after your permission O Mother, Sovereign of all Women, after your permission O brother Al-Hassan, The Purest, shall I choose for you a fruit from the fruits of Heaven?" All of them said: "Say anything you want. We shall be pleased by what you choose." Thus he said: "O Messenger of Allah, tell Jibraeel that we desire fresh dates of another season." The Prophet (Pbuhp) said: "Allah had known that."  He (Pbuhp) said: "O Fatima, go and bring what is inside."

Fatima went inside and saw a plate made of crystal covered with a green cover of Sundos, comprising of fresh dates. The Prophet (Pbuhp) told Fatima (Pbuh) as she was carrying the food: "{From where did you get these? She said: "It is from Allah, He grants whom He pleases with no account"}" as Mariam Bint Omran said. The Prophet (Pbuhp) stood, took it from her, placed it before them and said: "In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious The Most Merciful," and then he took a date and put it in the mouth of Al-Hussein (Pbuh) and said: "O Hussein, may you enjoy this delightful special meal!" He took a second date and put in the mouth of Al-Hassan (Pbuh) and said: "O Hassan, may you enjoy this delightful special meal!" He took a third date and put in the mouth of Fatima (Pbuh) and said: "O Fatima, may you enjoy this delightful special meal!" He took a forth date and put in the mouth of Ali (Pbuh) and said: "O Ali, may you enjoy this delightful special meal!" He fed him another one and another one, saying: "O Ali, may you enjoy this delightful special meal!" Thereafter, the Prophet (Pbuhp) suddenly stood up and then sat. They all ate from the dates and when they all became full and satisfied, the served food was raised to the sky by the permission of Allah. Afterwards, Fatima (Pbuh) said: "O Father, I saw you do a wondrous matter today." He (Pbuhp) said: "O Fatima, as for the first date that I gave Al-Hussein. It is that I heard Mikaeel and Israfeel say: "O Hussein, may you enjoy this delightful special meal!"  So I said as they said. When I took the second date and fed it to Al-Hassan, I heard Jibraeel and Mikaeel say: "O Hassan, may you enjoy this delightful special meal!" So I said as they said. When I took the third date and fed it to you, I saw the heavenly nymphs (Al-Hour Al-Ein) full of joy, looking at us from the heavens saying: "O Fatima, may you enjoy this delightful special meal!" So I said as they said. When I took the forth date and fed it to Ali (Pbuh), I head Allah say: "O Ali, may you enjoy this delightful special meal!" So I said as He said. Thus I gave him another one and another one as I heard Allah say: "O Ali, may you enjoy this delightful special meal!" Therefore, I stood in glorification of the Lord of Glory and heard Him say: "O Mohammad, I swear by My glory and honor that if you continued feeding Ali a date after a date from this hour to the Day of Resurrection, I would have said to him: "May you enjoy this delightful special meal," endlessly." [7]


* Al-Allama Al-Majlisi states in Al-Bihar Book: Ibn Abbas said : "I never envied Ali (Pbuh) in any of his great matters and virtues even in the greatest matter that I heard the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) say: "O Quraish people, you disbelieved and thus you saw  me in a troop, striking your faces." Thereafter, Jibraeel came, winked him and said to him: "O Mohammad, say: 'By the will of Allah or Ali Bin Abi Talib.'" So Mohammad (Pbuhp) said: "By the will of Allah or Ali Bin Abi Talib.[8]" [9]


* The Prophet (pbuhp) said:"The Heaven door ring is made of a red ruby on plates of gold; when it knocks on the plate of gold, it rings and says: "O Ali!"


* Al-Sheikh Al-Moufeed states in Al-Ikhtisas Book: It is reported that Ameer Elmo'mineen Ali Bin Abi Talib (Pbuh) was once sitting in the mosque with a group of people. They said to him: "Speak to us O Ameer Elmo'mineen." He (Pbuh) said: "How dare you? My words are very difficult; no one can perceive them but the knowledgeable." They said: "You must tell us something." He said: "Let us go then." He entered the house and said: "I am the one who rose high and subdued.  I am the one who revives and takes lives. I am the First and I am the Last. I am the Apparent and I am the Hidden." They became enraged and said: "This is disbelief," and then they stood in order to leave. So Ali (Pbuh) said to the door: "O Door, do not open for them." So the door did not open. Thereafter,  he (Pbuh) said: "Did I not tell you that my words are very difficult and cannot be perceived but by the knowledgeable! Let me explain to you. I said: "I am the one who rose high and subdued," meaning that I am the one who rose above you with my sword and subdued you so that you would believe in Allah and His Messenger. I said: "I revive and I take lives," meaning that I revive the way (of the Messenger of Allah) and kill heresies. I said: "I am the first and I am the last," meaning that I am the first one who believed in Allah and became a Muslim and that I am the last one who covered the prophet with his cloak and buried him. I said: "I am the Apparent and I am the Hidden," meaning that I have the knowledge of the Seen and the Unseen." They said: "You relieved us, may Allah relieve you!" [10]


* Tafseer Al-Imam Al-Askari (Pbuh) Book: He (Pbuh) said that Imam Ali Bin Al-Hussein (Pbuh) said that his father (Pbuh) told him that when the funeral of Baraa Bin Ma'mour was carried to the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) to pray upon him, he (Pbuhp) said: "Where is Ali Bin Abi Talib?" They said: "He went to Qiba to serve a need of a Muslim." Thus the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) sat and did not pray. They said: "O Messenger of Allah, why are you not praying?" He (Pbuhp) said: "Allah ordered me to delay the prayer until Ali comes and forgives him before the Messenger of Allah, so that Allah regards this death of his by poison as a remittance of his sins." Some of who were there and heard the speech of the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) about Baraa said: "O Messenger of Allah, it was a joke that he joked with Ali (Pbuh). It was not serious so that Allah would punishe him for it." The Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) said: "If it were serious, Allah would have disregarded all his deeds even if he gave for charity gold and silver as much as the volume that is between the earth and the Throne. It was a joke and he is free of it. Yet the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) does not want any of you to think that he can joke with Ali. So Ali will come, renew forgiving him and ask Allah to forgive him so that Allah would increase his closeness and highness in the heavens." Thereafter, Ali (Pbuh) came and stood before the dead body and said: "May Allah be merciful to you O Baraa. You were a worshiper and a faster indeed. You died being on the path of Allah." The Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) said: "If any of the dead can dispense with my prayer upon him, this companion of yours would have dispensed with it by this supplication of Ali (Pbuh) for him." Thereafter, he prayed and the man was buried. When he left and sat in the funeral gathering, the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) said: "O companions of Baraa, you are more worthy of being congratulated than being given condolences. Because this friend of yours has now domes above him from the sky of Donia (Earthly World) to the seventh sky. He crossed all the veils until his soul reached the Chair and the pillar of the Throne. Thereafter, he went to the heavens and all of those who were there received him and all the heavenly nymphs looked at him." Thus all of them said: "Touba is for the soul of Baraa indeed! Congratulations to the soul of Baraa. The Messenger of Allah (Pbuh) waited until Ali came and asked for mercy and forgiveness for you. The carriers of the Throne of our Lord told us that our Lord said: "O My servant who dies in my path. If you had sins as the count of pebbles, sand grains, rain drops, tree leaves, animal hairs, breaths and movements, it would have all been remitted by the supplication of Ali for your sake."" Thereafter, the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) said: "O servants of Allah, then seek the supplication of Ali that is for your sake and do not seek the supplication of Ali that is against you. Allah perishes anyone whom Ali supplicated against, even if his righteous deeds were as the count of all creations of Allah. Yet he who receives a supplication of Ali for his sake, Allah will gladden him, even if his sins were as the count of all creations of Allah."


* Al-Sheikh Al-Sadouq states in Al-Amali Book: Abou Hamza reported from Imam Ali Bin Al-Hussein from his father from Ameer Elmo'mineen (Pbut) that a man came to him and said: "O Abou Al-Hassan. You are named Ameer Elmo'mineen (Prince of all Believers). Who made you a prince heading them?" He (Pbuh) said: "Allah, Exalted in His glory, made me a prince heading them." Thus this man came to the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) and said: "O Messenger of Allah, is Ali honest is what he claims of being made price by Allah heading His creatures?" The Messenger of Allah was enraged and said: "Ali is The Prince of all Believers by the command of Allah that He stated above His Throne and made the angels bear witnesses that Ali is the successor of Allah, the argument of Allah, the Imam of Muslims, that obeying him is coupled to obeying Allah and disobeying him is coupled to disobeying Allah. He who is ignorant of him is ignorant of me. He who knows him knows me. He who denies his Imamate denies my prophecy. He who denies his virtues devalues me. He who fights him fights me. He who curses at him curses at me. This is because he is from me, was created from my clay, is the husband of my daughter Fatima and the father of my sons Al-Hassan and Al-Hussein."

Thereafter, he (Pbuhp) said: "I, Ali, Fatima, Al-Hassan, Al-Hussein and the nine descendents of Al-Hussein are the arguments of Allah over his creatures. Our enemies are His enemies and our followers and His followers."


* Shathan bin Jibraeel Al-Qummi states in Al-Fada'el Book: Ibn Abbas reported that Ali Bin Abi Talib (Pbuh) went to the Prophet (Pbuhp). So the People said: "O Messenger of Allah, Ameer Elmo'mineen came." He (Pbuhp) said: "Ali was named Ameer Elmo'mineen before me." They said: "Before You O Messenger of Allah!?" He (Pbuhp) said: "Even before Moussa and Issa." They said: "Before Moussa and Issa O Messenger of Allah!?" He (Pbuhp) said: "Even before Souleiman Bin Dawood." He continued naming all the prophets until he reached Adam. Thereafter, he said: "When Allah created the clay of Adam, He created an atom between his eyes which exalts and hallows Allah. Thereafter, Allah said: "I will make you dwell in a man whom I shall make the prince of all creatures." So when Allah created Ali Bin Abi Talib (Pbuh), He made this atom dwell in Ali. Thus he was named Ameer Elmo'mineen before the creation of Adam."


* Forat Bin Ibrahim Al-Kufi states in his Tafseer Book: Jaber Al-Jo'afi reported that Imam Abou Jaa'far (Pbuh) said: "{We explained matters in various ways in Quran so that they receive admonition} It means: we mentioned Ali in every verse, but they obeyed to be loyal to Ali and follow him (Pbuh) {But this only increases their reluctance.}".


* Forat Bin Ibrahim Al-Kufi states in his Tafseer Book: Jaa'far Bin Mohammad Al-Fazari reported from Imam Abou Jaa'far (Pbuh), explaining: {Allah bears witness that none has the right to be worshipped but He, and the angels, and those having knowledge (also give this witness); (always) maintaining His creation in Justice. None has the right to be worshipped but He, the All-Mighty, the All-Wise.} The Imam (Pbuh) said: "He is as he witnessed for Himself. As for {the angels}, they admitted their submission to their Lord, believed and testified that there is no god but Him as He bore witness to Himself. As for {and those having knowledge. (always) maintaining His creation in Justice,} the ones having knowledge are the prophets (Pbut) and the custodians (pbut). They are the ones always maintaining His creation in Justice. Justice apparently means fairness and its hidden meaning is Ali Bin Abi Talib (Pbuh)."


* Sharaf Al-Deen Al-Husseiny states in Ta’weel Al-Ayat Book: Issa Bin Dawood reported from Imam Abou Al-Hassan Moussa Bin Jaa’far (Pbuh) from his father (Pbuh) that he siad: "I asked my father about the saying of Allah {On the day when they follow the caller that has no diversions}. He said: "The Caller is Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh).""


* Mohammad Bin Ibrahim Al-No’mani states in Al-Ghayba Book: Jaber Bin Abdellah Al-Anasari said: "People from Yemen came to the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp). So he (pbuhp) said: "People of Yemen came to you with their jovial faces." When they came in, he (Pbuhp) said: "They have tender hearts, solid faith and from amongst them is Al-Mansour (the Aided One) who will rise with seventy thousands and advocate my successor and the successor of my custodian. The grips of their sword are of Musk." They said: "O Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) who is your custodian?" He (Pbuhp) said: "He is the one whom Allah ordered you to grasp when He said {Grasp the Rope of Allah, All together and do not be separated}" They said: "O Messenger of Allah, clarify for us what this rope is?" He (Pbuhp) said: "{But by a rope from Allah and a rope from people ;} the rope that is from Allah is His Book and the rope from people is my custodian." They said: "O Messenger of Allah, who is your custodian?" He (Pbuhp) said: "He is the one whom, concerning him Allah revealed this verse: {When a self says: "How regretful I am for neglecting and underestimating the side of Allah!"}" They said: "O Messenger of Allah, What is the side of Allah?" He (Pbuhp) said: "He is the one whom, concerning him Allah says :{when the oppressor bites his fingers in regret and says: "I wish I had taken a path with the Messenger"} that is my custodian and the path leading to me after me." Thus, they said: "O Messenger of Allah, for the sake of Who sent you a prophet with the truth, show him to us, for we are longing for him." He (Pbuhp) said: "He is who was made a sign for the insightful believers. If you look at him with the eyes of {He who has a heart or gives ear while he is heedful,} you shall know that he is my custodian as you know that I am your prophet. So make your way through the lines and gaze at the faces. He is the one whom your hearts will desire, because Allah says in His Book :{And make the hearts of some people desire them,} it means desiring Ali and his descendents (Pbut)."

Thereafter, Abou Amer Al-Asha’ari, Abou Ghourra Al-Kholani, Thabian, Othman Bin Qays, Arana Al-Dussi and Laheq Bin Alaqa stood, inspected the lines of people and gazed at their faces. Afterwards, they raised the hand of Al-Anza’ Al-Asla’ Al-Bateen (Imam Ali (Pbuh)) and said: "O Messenger of Allah, our hearts desired this man." He (Pbuhp) said: "You are the elite of Allah, for you recognized the custodian of the Messenger of Allah before knowing him. So how did you know it was him?" They weeped loudly and said: "O Messenger of Allah, when we looked at the people here, our hearts desired not any of them. Yet when we saw him, our hearts shivered and then our souls were relieved. Our insides trembled, our eyes shed tears and our chests cooled as if he were our father and we were his sons."

Thereafter, the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) said: "{None knows its hidden meanings, but who have profound knowledge.} You are among those in the predestined good ranks. You are kept distant from Hell." These Muslims lived until they participated in Al-Jamal Battle under the banner of Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) and then in Sofeen battle where they were killed it, may Allah have mercy on them. The Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) had foretold them before that they will enter Heaven and that they will martyr under the banner of Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh)." [11]


* Al-Sheikh Al-Sadouq states in Al-Amali Book: Hutheifa Bin Aseed Al-Ghafari reported that the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) said: "O Hutheifa, the argument of Allah over you after me is Ali Bin Abi Talib. Disbelieving in him is disbelieving in Allah; making him a partner is making Allah a partner; doubting him is doubting Allah; denying him is denying Allah, and believing in him is believing in Allah, because he is the brother of the Messenger of Allah, his custodian, the Imam of his nation and their Master. He is the strong rope of Allah and His tight handhold that can never be separated. Two shall perish, because of him and he is not to blame: A lover who is an extremist and a defaulter. O Hutheifa, do not abandon Ali, for by that, you will be abandoning me. Do not oppose Ali, for by that, you will be opposing me. Ali is from me and I am from Ali. He who discontents him discontents me and he who contents him contents me.” [12]


* Ibn Shaher Ashoub states in Al-Manaqib Book: Al-Hilya Ka’eb Bin Ajaza reported from his father that the Prophet (Pbuhp) said: "Do not curse at Ali, for he is touched in the inner identity of Allah.” [13]


* Sharaf Al-Deen Al-Husseiny states in Ta’weel Al-Ayat Book: Al-Nawfali reported from Imam Abou Abdellah (Pbuh) that he said that Imam Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) said: "I am the profitable trade that saves from the painful torment that Allah indicated in His Book when he said: {O You who believe, Shall I inform you about a trade that saves you from the painful torment?}"[14]


* Al-Sheikh Al-Kulaini states in Al-Kafi Book: Ahmad Bin Amr Al-Hallal reported that he asked Imam Abou Al-Hassan (Pbuh) about this saying of Allah: {A caller proclaimed from among them: "Allah’s damnation is upon the unjust."}. Imam (Pbuh) said: "The caller is Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh)."


* Ibn Shathan states in Al-Fada’el Book: Abou Thar Al-Ghafari reported that he said: "Once when I was with the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp), he rose, bowed, prostrated showing thanks for Allah and then said: "O Jundub, He who wants to behold Adam with his knowledge, Nouh with his comprehension, Ibrahim with his intimacy, Moussa with his pleas, Issa with his journeys and Ayoub with his endurance of his ordeal must behold the man coming in who is the sun, floating moon and shining star. He is the man with the bravest heart and the most generous and open-handed. The damnation of Allah is indeed upon who detests him." Thus people turned to see who was coming in. It was Ali Bin Abi Talib (Pbuh).” [15]


* Al-Sheikh Al-Toussi states in Al-Amali Book: Jaber reported from Imam Abou Jaa’far from his father from his grandfather (Pbut) that he said that the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) said to Ali Bin Abi Talib (Pbuh): "You were the argument of Allah when he started his creations as they were still ghostly beings. So He said to them: "Am I not your Lord?" They said: "Yes." He said: "Is not Mohammad My Messenger?" They said: "Yes." He said: "Is not Ali Bin Abi Talib My Custodian?" Thus all the creations refused to admit your divine custodianship out of arrogance but a few. They are the fewest of the few and they are the People of the Right.” [16] 


* Mohammad Bin Masoud Al-Ayashi states in his Tafseer Book: Amrou Bin Abi Miqdam reported from Imam Ali Bin Al-Hussein (Pbuh) that he said: "The Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) handed Ali Bin Abi Talib (Pbuh) a handful of sand which he threw at the polytheists’ faces. Thus Allah said {It was not you who threw when you threw. Yet Allah is the One Who threw}”[17]


* Al-Sheikh Al-Kulaini states in Al-Kafi Book: Abou Hamza reported that he told Imam Abou Jaa’far (Pbuh): "May I be sacrificed for your sake, the Shiites ask you about the explanation of this verse: {About what are they asking# About the great event}." The Imam (Pbuh) said: "It is up to me if I want to tell them or not. But I will tell you about its explanation." He said: "{About what are they asking}?" The Imam (Pbuh) said: "It is about Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh). Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) used to say: "Allah has no sign bigger than me and no event greater than me.”” [18]


* Al-Sheikh Al-Sadouq states in Al-Amali Book: Al-Asbagh Bin Nabata reported that he said that Durar Bin Damra Al-Nahshali went to Moawia Bin Abi Sufian. Moawia said: "Describe Ali for me." Durar said: "Can you spare me from this?" He said: "No, describe him for me." So Durar said: "May Allah be merciful to Ali. He was among us like one of us. If we come to him, he approaches us.  If we ask him, he answers us. If we visit him, he brings us close to him. There is no closed door between him and us. There is no veil between him and us. Yet I swear to Allah, even though he brings us near and close to him, we do not speak to him because of his veneration, and do not start a conversation with him because of his greatness. When he smiled, we saw perfect pearls."

Moawia said: "Tell me more about his descriptions." He said: "May Allah be merciful to Ali. His wakefulness was long and his sleep was short. He used to recite the Book of Allah day and night, exalting Allah and longing for Him by his tears. You should of seen him in his sanctuary in the depth of nights holding his beard mourning and weeping like a grieving man saying: "O Donia (Earthly World), are you seducing me or are you longing for me. How far, how far that is! I have no need in you. I divorced you trice with no return." Thereafter, he would say: "Oh, Oh how great is the distance of the journey, how few are the supplies and how harsh is the road."

Thus Moawia cried and said: "O Durar, I swear to Allah, this is how Ali was. May Allah be merciful to Abou Al-Hassan."" [19]

In Al-Bihar Book: The narration continues:

"Moawia said: "How is your grief over losing him?” Durar said: "I grieve like a mother whose only child was slaughtered on her lap. Her tears never stop and her sorrow never ends." Moawia said: "But if these people lost me, they would not utter a word or grieve like this." Thereafter, Moawia turned to his companions and said: "If all of you gathered, would you say about me like what this man said about his companion?" Amrou Bin Al-A’as said: "The company is relative to the companion.""


* Mohammad Bin Al-Hassan Al-Saffar states in Basa’er Al-Darajat Book: Soma’a Bin Mahran reported that Imam Abou Abdellah (Pbuh) said: "On Resurrection Day, a platform will be placed for a man to mount with an angel on his right and an angel on his left. The one on the right calls: "O creatures, this is Ali Bin Abi Talib (Pbuh). He is the owner of Heaven and he shall allow whom he pleases to enter." Thereafter, the one on the left calls: "O creatures, this is Ali Bin Abi Talib. He is the owner of Hell and he will send to Hell whom he pleases.""


* Al-Sheikh Al-Toussi states in Al-Amali Book: Al-Moufaddal Bin Amr reported that Imam Abou Abdellah (Pbuh) reported from his forefathers (Pbut): "Once Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) was sitting and people were gathered around him. A man came to him and said: "O Ameer Elmo’mineen, how come you are in the rank that Allah placed you in and your father is tormented in Hell." He (Pbuh) said: "Be silent! May Allah disable your mouth!By the One Who sent Mohammad as a prophet by the truth, if my father intercedes for all the sinners on earth, his intercessionwould be accepted. My father is tormented in Hell while his son is the divider between Heaven and Hell?

I swear by the One Who sent Mohammad as a prophet by the truth, the light of my Father on the day of resurrection will dim the light of all beings but five: The light of Mohammad (pbuhp), my light, Fatima's light, Al-Hassan and Al-Hussein's light  and the lights of the nine sons of Al-Hussein. It is because his Light is from our Light that Allah created before creating Adam in two thousand years."" [20]



* Al-Sheikh Al-Sadouq states in Oyoun Akhbar Al-Rida (Pbuh) Book: Baker Bin Ahmad Al-Qasri reported from Abou Mohammad Al-Hussein Bin Ali Bin Mohammad Bin Ali Bin Moussa, from his father from his forefather (Pbut) that he said: "I heard the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) say: "On the night when my Lord raised me, I saw in the core of the Throne an angel carrying a sword of light and moving it as Ali Bin Abi Talib (Pbuh) moves Thoul-Fiqar. I saw that when the angels missed Ali Bin Abi Talib's face, they looked at the face of that angel. So I said: "O Lord, is this my brother and cousin Ali Bin Abi Talib?" Allah said: "O Mohammad, this is an angel that I created in the image of Ali. He worships me in the core of the Throne and his good deeds, exaltation and hallowing are counted for Ali Bin Abi Talib (Pbuh) until Resurrection Day."


* Al-Sheikh Al-Sadouq states in Al-Amali Book: Abdellah Bin Abbas reprted that the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) said to Ali (Pbuh): "O Ali, You are my successor over my nation during my life and after my death. You are to me as Sheeth was to Adam, as Sam was to Nouh, as Ismaeel was to Ibrahim, as Youshaa’ was to Moussa, and as Sham’oun was to Issa.

O Ali, you are my custodian, my inheritor, who washes my corpse, buries me, pays my debts and completes my duties.

O Ali, you are the Prince of Believers, the Imam of Muslims, the Leader of the bright-faced and white-footed believers, and the King of Religion.

O Ali, you are the husband of the sovereign of all women, Fatima my daughter, and the father of my two grandsons Al-Hassan and Al-Hussein.

O Ali, Allah made the descendents of every prophet from his seed and my descendents from your seed.

O Ali, he who loves you and follows you shall be loved and taken care of by me and he who detests you and becomes your enemy shall be detested by me and shall be my enemy, because you are form me and I am from you.

O Ali, Allah purified us and chose us. Our forefathers since Adam were never born out of adultery or fornication and thus none loves us but who is purely born.

O Ali, Know the glad tidings of your martyrdom, for you will be oppressed after me and killed." So Ali (pbuh) said: "O Messenger of Allah, will my faith be true while this is happening to me?" He (Pbuhp) said: "Your faith shall be true. O Ali, you neither went astray nor will you. If it had not been for you, the Party of Allah would not have been known after me."" [21]


* Ali Bin Ibrahim Al-Qummi states in his Tafseer Book: Abou Hamza reported that he asked Imam Abou Jaa’far (Pbuh) about this saying of Allah to his prophet: {If you make him a partner, then surely all your deeds will be in vain, and you shall certainly be among the losers.} The Imam (Pbuh) said: “Its explanation is: If you made a partner for Ali in his Wilaya (Divine Guardianship), your deeds shall be devalued and you shall be among the losers.”


* Al-Moafaq Al-Khawarizmi states in Al-Manaqib Book: Fatima (pbuh), Al-Hussein's (Pbuh) daughter, reported from Asmaa’ daughter of Omais that she said: "The messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) was being inspired to with revelations as his head was in the lap of Ali (Pbuh) and thus he did not pray the Afternoon Prayer until the sunset. Thereafter, the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) said: "O Ali, did you pray?" He (pbuh) said: "No." Thus the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) said: "O Allah, he was obeying You and obeying Your Messenger, so return the sun to him." So I saw the sun rise after it had set.""


* Al-Allama Al-Majlisi states in Al-Bihar Book: Salman Al-Farisi (Cbuh) reported from the Messenger of Allah (pbuhp) words he (pbuhp) said, concerning Ali (pbuh) and told them to Ali (Pbuh). So Ali (Pbuh) said: "I swear to Allah, O Salman, he told me what he told you." Thereafter, Salman said: "O Ali, you will be afflicted and people will be afflicted and tested by you. I swear to Allah, you are the argument of Allah over the inhabitants of the sky and earth. Allah had set your name as an argument over every creature that He created the books that was brought forth to them"

Thereafter, he said: "I swear to Allah, the believers believe in nothing but you. The infidels go astray only by you. Who is he who is more dignified in the Sight of Allah than you!? O Ali you are the Tongue of Allah by which He speaks. You are the Wrath of Allah by which He takes revenge. You are the Allah's Whip of Torment by which He prevails. You are the Strike of Allah that He mentioned: {We warned them about Our strike, but they neglected the warning}. So Who is he who is more dignified in the Sight of Allah than you!?

I swear to Allah, Allah created you by His Power and brought you out from the believers amongst His creations. He established your love in the chests of believers. I swear to Allah, there are angels in the sky, none can count but Allah, awaiting you[22], speaking of your virtues and showing their pride of knowing you over the inhabitants of the sky. They plead Allah to know you and wait for your matter. O Ali, none preceded you from the first beings and none shall reach your rank from the last.” [23]


* Al-Sheikh Al-Sadouq states in Al-Amali Book: Ibn Abbas reported that the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) said: "Loyalty (Wilaya) to Ali Bin Abi Talib (pbuh) is loyalty to Allah. Loving him is worship and following him is an obligation decreed by Allah. His followers are the followers of Allah and his enemies are the enemies of Allah. A war against him is a war against Allah and peace with him is peace with Allah." [24]


* Al-Allama Al-Majlisi states in Al-Bihar Book: Jaber Al-Ansari reported that the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) said: "Why do some people blame me for loving my brother Ali Bin Abi Talib (Pbuh)? I swear to the One Who sent me as a prophet with the truth, I didn’t love him until Allah the Almighty ordered me to love him. Why do some people blame me for placing Ali Bin Abi Talib first? I swear by the Glory of my Lord, I didn’t set him first until Allah, gloryfied is His Name, ordered me to set him first and make him the prince of all believers, the price of my nation and its Imam.

O people! When I ascended to the seventh sky, I found, written on the gate of every sky: 'There is no God but Allah, Mohammad is His Messenger, Ali Bin Abi Talib is The Prince of All Believers.' When I reached the mirrors of Light, I saw, written on every mirror: 'There is no God but Allah, Mohammad is His Messenger, Ali Bin Abi Talib is The Prince of All Believers.' Thereafter, when I reached the Throne, I saw, written on each one of its pillars: 'There is no God but Allah, Mohammad is His Messenger, Ali Bin Abi Talib is The Prince of All Believers.'"


* Al-Sheikh Al-Sadouq states in Ma’ani Al-Akhbar: Jaber reported that he asked Imam Abou Jaa’far (Pbuh) about Allah’s saying { And if you were killed or if you died in the path of Allah} He (Pbuh) said: "Do you know what the path of Allah is?" He said: "No, by Allah, I do not, until I hear it from you." He (pbuhp) said: "The path of Allah is Ali (Pbuh) and his descendants. Whoever was killed, being loyal to him has been killed, being on the path of Allah and whoever died, being loyal to him has died being on the path of Allah."

* Al-Sayyid Hashim Al-Bahrani states in Madeenat Al-Ma’ajiz Book: The historians of Al-Kufa City narrated that when Al-Hassan and Al-Hussein (pbut) carried Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbut) to his burial that is in Al-Najaf, they found a knight whose scent of Musk purfumed the place. He greeted them and then said to Imam Al-Hassan (Pbuh):  "Are you Al-Hassan Bin Ali who was breastfed on inspired revelation and was fed only on knowledge, the glorious honor, the successor of Ameer El-Mo’mineen and the master of all custodians?" The Imam (Pbuh) said: "Yes." The man said: "Is this Al-Hussein Bin Ali Ameer Elmo’mineen the master of all custodians, the grandson of the Prophet of mercy who was breastfed on infallibility and was raised on wisdom, the father of the Imams?" The Imam (Pbuh) said: "Yes." Thereafter, the man said: "Hand him to me and go on in Allah's protection." Thus Al-Hassan (Pbuh) said: "He enjoined us to hand him to no one but two: Jibraeel or Al-Khodor. So who of these two are you?" He uncovered the veil on his face and so he was Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh). Thereafter, he told Al-Hassan (Pbuh): "O Abou Mohammad, he witnesses every dead self. Thus would he not witness his own body?!" [25]


* Ibn Shathan in Al-Fada’el Book: It was reported that once Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) was in battle. The time of prayer was close and he did not find water to renew his Wodou’. So he glanced at the sky as people watched him. Thereafter, Jibraeel and Mikaeel descended. Jibraeel was holding a bucket of water and Mikaeel was holding a towel. So they placed the bucket and the towel before him and he renewed his Wodou’ from that water and wiped his holy face with that towel. Afterwards, they ascended to the skies and everyone was looking at them. [26]


Ibn Shaher Ashoub states in Al-Manaqib Book: Khalid Bin Al-Waleed said: “I saw Ali (Pbuh) fixing the rings of his armor with his bare hands. So I said: “This attribute was for Dawood (pbuh)!” Thus the Imam (Pbuh) said: “O Khalid, iron was bent for Dawood by us, so what will it do for us?””


* Al-Mirza Mohammad Taqi Al-Mamaqani states in Saheefat Al-Abrar Book: Jaber Bin Abdellah Al-Ansari said: “I was in the battle of Al-Basra with Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh). There were seventy thousand men with that woman. Everyone who was defeated was saying: “Ali defeated me.” Every injured man was saying: “Ali injured me.” Everyone who was taking his last breath was saying: “Ali killed me.” Whenever I was on the right wing of the army, I indeed heard the voice of Ali (Pbuh). Whenever I was on the left wing, I indeed heard the voice of Ali (Pbuh). Whenever I was in the heart, I indeed heard the voice of Ali (Pbuh). I have passed by Talha as well while he was taking his last breath of life because of an arrow that pierced his chest. So I said to him: “Who shot you with this arrow?” He said: “Ali Bin Abi Talib.” So I said: “O Party of Bilqees, O soldiers of Iblees. Ali didn’t throw any arrow. He only has his sword in his hand!” Thus Talha said: “O Jaber, Can’t you see how he once rises in the air and then descends to the ground; Once comes from the east and once comes from the west, making the east and west as one between his hands! He passes not by a knight, but stabs him and meets not anyone, but kills, strikes, throws him upon his face, or would tell him: “Die O enemy of Allah,” and so he dies. Thus no one can escape him.””


* Sharaf Al-Deen Al-Husseiny states in Ta’weel Al-Ayat Book: Haroun Bin Kharija reported from the Sovereign of All Women, Fatima Al-Zahraa (Pbuh), that she said: “In the time of Abou Baker and Omar an earthquake occurred. People were frightened and ran to them, yet they also saw them running with fear to Ameer Elmo’mineen, Ali (Pbuh). People followed them until they reached the door of Ali (Pbuh). He came out, not caring for them. Thereafter, he left and the people followed him until they reached a hill. He sat and they sat around him as they were looking at the walls of Al-Madina shaking back and forth. He said to them: “It seems as if you are terrified by what you see?” They said: “How can we not be terrified and we haven’t seen an earthquake like this before!” He moved his lips and then hit the ground with his hand and said: “What is the matter with you? Stay still.” Thus the earthquake stopped. They became astonished by this more than their astonishment by the earthquake. So he said to them: “It seems like you are astonished by what I did?” They said: “Yes.” He said: “I am the human that Allah mentioned in his book: {When the earth shakes with its earthquake# and when the earth brings out its burdens# the human says: What is the matter with it?} I am the one who says: 'what is the matter with it?' {On that day, it tells its news;} It tells me its news.””


* Al-Hussein Bin Hamdan Al-Khasibi states in Al-Hidaya Al-Kubra: Maitham Al-Tammar reported that Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) delivered a sermon in Al-Kufa mosque. The sermon was so long and people wondered at its length, good advice, promises and threats. A man came from the side of Al-Anbar city, interrupted the speech and said, crying for help: “Allah, Allah! O Ameer Elmo’mineen, save your people and Shia, for the cavalry of Moawia are assaulting us on the banks of Al-Forat between Heet and Al-Anbar." Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) stopped the sermon and told the man: “Woe unto you! The cavalry of Moawia has entered Al-Daskara City that is follows the walls of Al-Anbar and killed seven women and seven children. They ran over them with their horses and then said: “This is only out of hatred and enmity towards Abou Turab.""

Thereafter Ibrahim Bin Al-Hassan Al-Azdi stood before the platform and said: “O Ameer Elmo’mineen, you have this power that allows you to see from this platform and from your home, yet the cavalry of Moawia, the son of the liver-eater, did what it has done to your followers, this crime that this man also knows of, so why are you falling short of fighting Moawia?” Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) said: “How dare you Ibrahim! The reason is that whoever shall perish must perish after being shown the argument and whoever shall live must live after being shown the argument.” People from different sides of the mosque cried: “Until when whoever shall perish must perish as your followers perish?” He (Pbuh) said: “{Until Allah fulfills a matter that is to be done}” Thereafter, Zaid Bin Katheer Al-Maradi said: “O Ameer Elmo’mineen, Yesterday you told us that you are ready to fight Moawia and you were encouraging us to fight him. Two men came asking you about their dispute over a donkey. One of them rushed and shouted at you, so you turned his head into a dog’s head. He pleaded you and thus you turned him back into a sound man. We ask you why this power of yours reaches not Moawia so that we would be relieved from his evilness. You tell us: “I swear by the Divider of the seed and the Originator of humankind, if I willed to stomp with this short leg of mine the chest of Moawia and throw him on his forehead, I would have done that.” So why aren’t you doing this today? Do you want our certain faith in you to weaken and thus make us doubt you and enter hell!” Thereafter, Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) said: “Indeed, I shall do this and rush the son of Hind.” Thus the Imam (Pbuh) stretched his holy leg until it exited the doors of the mosque and then he returned it to his thigh and said: “People, record this time. For in this hour I hit the chest of Moawia with my leg and threw him off his bed on his forehead. So Moawia said: 'What about my delayed time?' So I took my leg off him." People recorded this time and the news came from Sham that in the same hour a stretched leg came in from the doors of Kinda as people were looking at it, hit the chest of Moawia and then threw him off his bed on his forehead."[27] 


* The Book of Saleem Bin Qays:  Abou Thar Al-Ghafari said: "I saw the Master Mohammad (Pbuhp) say to Ameer Elmo'mineen (Pbuh) one night: 'When tomorrow comes, head to the Baqee' mountains and stand on a hilltop. When the sun rises, greet it, for Allah ordered it to answer you with what is in you."

On the next day, Ameer Elmo'mineen (Pbuh) went out with Abou Baker, Omar and a group of advocates (Al-Ansar) and immigrants (Al-Mohajereen). When he reached Al-Baqee', he stood on a hilltop and when the sun rose, he said: "Peace be upon you, O new creation of Allah who is obedient to Him." Thereafter, they heard a boom from the sky and a voice that answered: "May peace be upon you, O First, O Last, O Apparent, O Hidden, O he who has knowledge of everything." Abou Baker, Omar, the immigrants and advocators were astounded when they heard these words. They woke up hours later when Ameer Elmo'mineen had left. So they went to the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) and said: "You say that Ali is a human being like us, yet the sun described him by which Allah describes Himself." He (Pbuhp) said: "What did you hear it say?" They said: "We heard it say: 'Peace be upon you, O First.'" He (Pbuhp) said: "It is true. He is the first one to believe in me." They said: "We heard it say: 'O Last.'" He (Pbuhp) said: "It is true. He is the last one to see me. He will wash me, put my shroud (Kafan) on me and place me in my grave." They said: "We heard it say: 'O Apparent.'" He (Pbuhp) said: "It is true. My entire knowledge appeared for him." They said: "We heard it say: 'O Hidden.'" He (Pbuhp) said: "It is true. He has all my hidden secrets." They said: "We heard it say: 'O he who has knowledge of everything.'" He (Pbuhp) said: "It is true. He has knowledge of what is Halal and what is Haram, knowledge of all duties and standards and every matter that is similar to that." Thus they left the mosque, saying: "Mohammad tricked us."" [28] 


* Qotob Al-Deen Al-Rawandi states in Al-Khara'ij Book: Rumaila reported that once Ali (Pbuh) passed by a man who was sewing and told him: "O young man, it would be better for you if you recited the Quran." He said: "I don’t know how. I wish I knew some of it." So Ameer Elmo'mineen (Pbuh) told him to come near him and then whispered some words in his ears. Thus Allah imprinted the entire Quran on his heart and so he memorized all of it." [29] 

* Al-Sayyid Ibn Tawous Al-Hassani states in Al-Yaqeen: Al-Riahi reported that Ameer Elmo'mineen (Pbuh) came to his house one day and requested some food. Hadrat Fatima Al-Zahraa' (Pbuh) said to him: "There is no food and I've been distracting Al-Hassan and Al-Hussein since two days." He (Pbuh) said: "Give me a cloak to mortgage it and get something in return." He went to his neighbor's house who was a Jew. He (Pbuh) told him: "Brother Jew, give us barley for this cloak." The Jew brought barley, so Ameer Elmo'mineen (Pbuh) but it is his pocket and left. After walking a few steps, the Jew called him, saying: "I swear by you O Amir Elmo'mineen that you must stop so I could tell you a few words." He sat, so the Jew went to him and said: "Your cousin claims that he is the beloved one of Allah, the pure and chosen one and the most honored messenger to Allah. So tell him to ask Allah to remove you from this poverty you are suffering from." Ameer Elmo'mineen (Pbuh) was silent for a while and then he picked the soil with his finger and said: "Brother Jew, Allah has servants if they asked him to turn the walls into gold for them, He would." Thus the wall turned into gold at the instance. Thereafter, Ameer Elmo'mineen (Pbuh) said: "I did not mean you; I only set you as an example." Thus the Jew converted to Islam at the moment." [30] 

* Al-Sayyid Hashim Al-Bahrani states in Madeenat Al-Ma’ajiz Book: Ammar Bin Yasser said: "I was with Ameer Elmo’mineen Ali Bin Abi Talib (Pbuh) on a Monday that happened to be the seventeenth of Safar Month and suddenly a great scream echoed in everyone's ears when Ali (Pbuh) was on the chair of justice administration. So he (Pbuh) said to me: “O Ammar, bring me Thoul-Fiqar." It weighed seven Mins (One Min equals to two pounds) and one third according to Mecca scale. So I brought it. He unsheathed it, left it and then said to me: “O Ammar, this is the day when I relief people of Al-Kufa from their sorrow so that the believers' faith would grow and the opposers' hypocrisy would increase. O Ammar, bring me those who are at the door.”

So I went to the door and saw a women in a Howdah on a camel crying: “O savior of whoever seeks salvation, O wish of the pleaders, O treasure of the desirers, O he who has strong power, O feeder of orphans, O he who bestows upon those who have nothing, O reviver of bone ashes, O ancient one who was before every ancient one, O aid of those who have no aid, O treasure of those who have no treasure. To you I come and you I plead. Brighten my face and relieve me from my sorrow.” There were a thousand knights around her with drawn swords. Some were with her and some were against her. So I said: “Come to Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh).” So she descended from the camel and they all entered the mosque with her. The woman threw herself before Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) and said: “To you I headed, so relieve me from my grief for you are responsible and capable of this.” Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) said: “O Ammar, call for the people of Al-Kufa so that they would see the verdict of Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh).”

I called for them. People gathered until there was no place for anyone to stand in. Thereafter, Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) said: “O people of Sham, ask what you want?” Thus, a grey haired Sheikh stood, wearing elegant clothes and a turban. This Sheikh said: “Peace be upon you, O treasure of the weak, O refuge of the needy, O Master, this servant is my daughter. I never brought her near any man. She just reached puberty and she is pregnant. This is a scandal for me in my clan, as I am well known with strictness, toughness, power, bravery, ingenuity, integrity and satisfaction. I am Qalmas Bin Ghafrees. I am a restless lion who scowls at his enemies. My fire is never put off and my neighbor is never oppressed. The Arabs know and honor my courage, my aid and my assaults. I am a descendent of forefathers whose house is the house of glory in the seventh sky. Among us is every scowling man that never halts and every man that does not stop wars. Yet I am perplexed about this matter of mine, O Ali. So relieve me from my burdens for they are great and nothing is greater than this.”

Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) said: “O servant. What is your opinion of what your father had said?” She said: “As for him saying that I just attained puberty, he is right. As for him saying that I am pregnant, Allah has more knowledge of me than myself, you know Him more than me and you know that I did not lie. So relieve me from my grief O who knows the secrets and what is hidden.” Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) mounted his platform and said: “Allah is The Greatest. {Truth has now arrived and Falsehood perished for Falsehood is bound to perish}. Bring me the midwife of Al-Kufa.” A woman called Lubna who was the midwife of the women of Al-Kufa came. The Imam (Pbuh) said to her: “Make a veil between you and people and check this servant if she is new to puberty and pregnant.” The woman did what Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) had ordered her and then said: “O Ameer Elmo’mineen. Yes she is new to puberty and pregnant.” Thus he (Pbuh) said: “O people of Al-Kufa. Where are the Imams that claim to be at my rank? Where are who claim that they have the knowledge of truth and right in order to resolve this predicament?” Amrou Bin Hareeth said in sarcasm: “You are the only one for this O Ali Bin Abi Talib. Today you prove your Imamate for us.” So the Imam (Pbuh) said to the father of the servant: “O Father of Anger, are you not from Sham?” He said: “Yes, O Ameer Elmo’mineen.” The Imam (Pbuh) said: “Are you not from a village that people call it: Isad Tareeq Banyas Al-Jawla?” He said: “Yes, O Ameer Elmo’mineen.” He (Pbuh) said: “Can any of you bring me some snow?” The man said: “Snow is ample in our country.” The Imam (Pbuh) said: “There is a distance of two hundred and fifty Farsakhs (unit of distance back then) between us and your country.” He said: “Yes.” Thereafter, Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) stretched his arm while still standing on his platform in Al-Kufa. His hand returned carrying snow and dripping water. Afterwards, he said to the midwife: “Place this snow under the genitals of this servant. It will throw a leech that weighs fifty five Dirhams and two Daniqs.” She took her out of the mosque and took a bowl with her. She placed the snow as she was told and thus the woman excreted a big leech. She weighed the leech and it was as he (Pbuh) had told her. It had not rained in Al-Kufa since five years before. So people of Al-Kufa said: “Ask for rain, O Ameer Elmo’mineen.” Thus he pointed at the sky and then the sky darkened with clouds and started pouring rain heavily. The midwife came with the servant and placed the leech before Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh). He (Pbuh) said to her: “Did you weigh it?” She said: “Yes, O Ameer Elmo’mineen. It is as you said it would be.” Then Imam (Pbuh) said: {and if there be the weight of a mustard seed, We will bring it (to account): and enough are we to take account.} Thereafter, he (Pbuh) said: “O Abou Al-Ghadab. Take your daughter. I swear to Allah she did not fornicate, but a leech went inside her when she was ten years old. It grew in her abdomen to this time.” Her father stood saying: “I testify that you know what is in the wombs and minds.”


* Ibn Shathan states in Al-Fada’el Book: One day Ameer Elmo’mineen was on the platform of Al-Basra and so he said: “O people, ask me before you lose me. Ask me about the paths of the skies, for I know them more than I know the paths of earth.” A man amongst the crowd stood and said: “Where is Jibraeel at this moment?” Thus Ameer Elmo’mineen glanced at the sky, at the east and then at the west and did not find him. Thereafter, he turned to the man and said to him: “O you, You are Jibraeel.” Therefore, he flapped his wings and flew from amongst the crowd who shouted, saying: “We testify that you are truly the successor of the Messenger of Allah(Pbuhp).”


* Al-Sheikh Al-Sadouq states in Ilal Al-Sharae’: Jueriya Bin Mashara said: “When we crossed the Sirat Bridge with Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh), he (pbuh) said: “This is a tortured land, so no prophet or custodian should pray on this land. Therefore, he who wants to pray can pray.” People separated to the right and left and began to pray. I thought to myself: “By Allah, I shall follow this man in prayer today. I will not pray until he prays.” So we walked and the sun started setting. This made great unease overwhelm me until the sun had set, and we crossed the land, Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) said to me: “O Jueriya, recite the Athan (Call for prayer).” I said: “You are telling me to recite the Athan, yet the sun had already set!?”

He (pbuh) said: "Recite the Athan." So I did and then he (Pbuh) told me to recite Iqama and thus I did. When I reached the part that says: “Prayer is to be established,” he started moving his lips and I heard words as if they were Hebrew. Hence, the sun rose back until it reached the place it takes in the afternoon. Thus he prayed and when we finished, it returned to where it was and the stars appeared. So I said: “I testify that you are the custodian of the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp).” He (Pbuh) said: “O Jueriya, did  you not hear this saying of Allah: {Exalt By your Lord's Greatest Name.}” I said: “Yes.” He (Pbuh) said: "I asked Allah by His Greatest Name and thus He brought the sun back for me."" [31]


* Al-Sayyid Hashim Al-Bahrani states in Madeenat Al-Ma’ajiz Book: Durar Al-Matalib Book stated that the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) left for war in Tabook. He left Ali Bin Abi Talib (Pbuh) to take care of his household and told him to stay with them. The hypocrites said: “He left him because he underestimates him.” When he (Pbuh) heard that, he took his weapon and went to the prophet (Pbuhp) with all of his eagerness and said: “The hypocrites claimed that you left me behind because you underestimate me.” The Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) said: “They lied; I left you to replace me. So replace me among my household and yours. Aren’t you pleased that you are to me as Haroun is to Moussa, yet there will be no prophet after me.” So he (pbuh) returned to Al-Madina and the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) continued his travel. In the battle, the army of the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) was being defeated and people were separated from the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp). So Jibraeel descended and said: “Allah greets you with peace and tells you glad tidings of victory. He tells you that if you like, He would descend the angels to fight or you can call for Ali and he would come to you.” The Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) chose Ali (Pbuh). So Jibraeel said to him: “Turn your face then towards Al-Madina and call: “O father of Aid, aid me. O Ali, aid me. Aid me, O Ali.””  Salman Al-Farisi said: “I was with the ones who stayed behind with Ali (Pbuh). One day he was going to a , so I went with him. He climbed a palm tree and started throwing dates as I was collecting it. Thereafter, I heard him say: “I am indeed at your beck and call! Here I come.” He came down the tree with the signs of grief and tears upon his face. I said: “What is the matter, O Abou Al-Hassan?” He (Pbuh) said: “O Salman, the army of the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) is defeated. He is calling for me to aid him. He went to the house of Fatima (Pbuh), told her about this and then left. He said to me: “O Salman, step exactly where I step. Do not miss one step.” I followed his every step until the seventeen step.  Thereafter, I saw the two armies. The Imam (Pbuh) screamed a scream that made the two armies separate. Afterwards, Jibraeel descended to the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) and greeted him. He greeted him back and received the glad tidings. The Imam turned to the army and defeated them all and so they fled {And Allah drove back those who disbelieved in their rage, they gained no advantage. Allah sufficed for the believers in the fighting} by Ali Bin Abi Talib, his might, determination and highness. Allah showed one of his miracles in this matter that no one in the nation was capable of doing.” [32]


* Al-Mirza Mohammad Taqi Al-Mamaqani states in Saheefat Al-Abrar: Salman said: "When Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) returned from Al-Nahrawan battle, two rivers came in his way: Issa River and another river. One river was dry and the other was flowing. So Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) chose to take the road that was along the dry river with his army. The army men were overwhelmed by thirst due to the scorching hot weather. The hypocrites began to grumble and rebuke. The believers became disturbed by this and they complained to Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) and sought aid from him because they were parched. So he (Pbuh) ordered the soldiers to come to him. In front of his tent, there was a tree. He (Pbuh) ordered Salman and Qanbar to dig under it. When they dug a depth of two arms, a huge rock appeared. Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) moved it away. There were stairs and so Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) ordered Salman to descend these stairs. Salman went down. Afterwards, he came back up and told Ali (Pbuh) that after thirty five steps, there is a door that is locked with an iron lock whose key he did not know where to find. So Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) took a key from inside his turban, gave it to him and said: “Go down, open the door and bring us the water.” When Salman went down and opened the door, he saw a pool full of water and saw Ali (Pbuh) standing on its edge. This matter confused Salman. Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) took the bucket from him, filled it from the pool and said to him: “Take this back to the soldiers and give them water.” Salman took it and went to them, yet he saw Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) standing with them as he was in the first place. Salman wanted to speak of what he saw, but Ali (Pbuh) bit on his lips and said to him: “Did you forget the battle of Dasht Arzan. So why are you astonished?” Thus Salman did not speak. Thereafter, Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) took the bucket and gave water to all the soldiers, yet the water remained as it is. It did not decrease at all.”


* Qotob Al-Deen Al-Rawandi states in Al-Khara’ij Book: Fadeel Al-Rassan reported from Imam Abou Jaa’far (Pbuh) that a group came to Ali (Pbuh) and said: “O Ameer Elmo’mineen, can you show us what relieves our hearts, regarding the matters that the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) related to you?” He (Pbuh) said: “If you saw one of my miracles you would disbelieve and say that I am a wizard, a liar and a priest. This would be the best of what you would say.” They said: “All of us know that you inherited the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) and that his knowledge was passed to you.” He (Pbuh) said: “The knowledge of the knowledgeable ones is solid and strong. None can withstand it but a believer whose heart was tested for faith by Allah and who was aided with a soul of His. Yet if you refuse and insist that I show you some of my miracles and the knowledge Allah had endued me with, then follow my lead after I pray the Ishaa’ prayer (After Sunset Prayer).”

When he (Pbuh) finished praying, he walked towards the highland of Kufa. Seventy men who thought they were of his best followers followed him. Ali (Pbuh) said to them: “I will show you nothing until you swear a divine oath and covenant that you will not consider me an infidel or throw a predicament at me. I swear to Allah, I will show you nothing but what the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) had taught me.” So he took their oaths and covenants that were more solemn than the oaths and covenants Allah took from His messengers. Thereafter, he (Pbuh) said to them: “Turn your faces away from me so that I would supplicate in the manner I want.” They heard him supplicating with words they did not know.

Afterwards, he (Pbuh) told them to look back at him and so they did. Thus they saw gardens, rivers and castles on a side and raging fire on another. They did not doubt that these were Heaven and Hell. The best one said: “This is great wizardry.” All of them became disbelievers except two. When he (Pbuh) was returning with these two men, he said to them: “You heard what they said. I took oaths and covenants from them. Yet they regarded me as an infidel. I swear to Allah, this is my argument over them tomorrow before Allah. Allah knows that I am not a wizard or a priest and Allah does not relate this to me or to my forefathers. Yet it is the knowledge of Allah and the knowledge of His messenger. Allah endued His messenger with it, His messenger passed it to me, and I showed it to you. If you belied me, then you belied Allah.”

When they reached Kufa Mosque, he supplicated with words they heard and thus the stones of the mosque turned into gemstones and rubies. He (Pbuh) said to them: “What do you see?” They said: “Gemstones and rubies.” He (Pbuh): “You are right. If I asked my lord for what is greater, He would have fulfilled my request.” Therefore, one of them became a disbeliever and the other remained steadfast. The Imam (Pbuh) said to him: “If you take any of them, you will regret it and if you left any of them, you will regret it.” Yet the man’s eagerness pushed him to take one and place it in his sleeve. Morning came and the white gemstone stayed as it is with its beauty that none had seen before. So he said: “O Ameer Elmo’mineen, I took one of the gemstones and it is with me.” He (Pbuh) said: “What made you do this?” He said: “I wanted to know if this is true or not.” He (Pbuh) said: “If you place it back where you took it from, Allah will give you Heaven instead. If you do not place it back, Allah will give you Hell instead.” Thus the man placed it back where he took if from and then Allah turned it back into a stone as it was.”

Some said that this man was Maitham Al-Tammar and some say that it was Amr Bin Al-Hamq Al-Khazaee.


* Ibn Shathan states in Al-Fada’el Book: Once a woman left her six months old baby on the roof. The baby crawled until he sat on the tip of a drainpipe. His mother came to the roof and could not reach him. They placed a ladder on the wall and still could not reach the baby because the pipe was very long and far from the roof. The mother of the baby screamed and all of his family wept. This happened in the days of Omar Bin Al-Khattab. They asked for him, so he came and he was perplexed as they were. They said that Ali Bin Abi Talib is the only one to resolve this. When Ali (Pbuh) arrived, the woman called him. Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) looked at the baby and thus he started talking with a language that none understood. He (Pbuh) told them to bring another baby. When they brought him, the two babies looked at each other and talked as babies talk. Thus the baby went off from the pipe to the roof. The entire Medina City was filled with joy as never before. Thereafter, they asked Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) about the conversation of the babies. So he (pbuh) said: "As for the first baby, he greeted me, calling me ‘Ameer Elmo’mineen’ and I greeted him back. I did not want to order him because he did not reach the age of comprehension and maturity yet. So I ordered another baby to come and talk to him in the language of babies and say to him: “Brother, return to the roof. Don’t break the hearts of your mother, father and clan by dying.” The other baby said: “Leave me brother, before I grow up and the Devil takes over me.” He said: “Return to the roof, for you might grow up and beget a child that loves Allah, His messenger and who follows and is loyal to this man.” So the baby returned to the roof by the dignity of Allah by  the hands of Ameer Elmo’mineen.


* Al-Allama Al-Majlisi states in Al-Bihar Book: When Fidda came to Al-Zahraa’s (Pbuh) home, she did not find there but the sword, the shield and the grinder. She was the daughter of the king of India. She had an elixir. So she took a piece of copper, melted it and molded it in the form of a plate. Afterwards, she poured the elixir on it, so it turned into gold. Thereafter, when Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) came, she placed it before him. When he (Pbuh) saw it, he said to her: “Well done Fidda, but if you had melted the body, the dye would have been better and the value would have been higher.” She said: “O Master, do you have this knowledge?” He (Pbuh) said: “Yes and this baby has this knowledge too” and he (Pbuh) pointed at Imam Hussein (Pbuh). Thus Imam Hussein (Pbuh) came and said as Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) had said. Thereafter, Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) said to her: “We have knowledge of what is greater than this," and then gestered with his hand and thus gold and flowing treasures appeared. Hence, he said to her: “Place it with its sisters.”[33] So she did and then it flowed. [34]

* Al-Sheikh Al-Tobrosi states in Al-Ihtijaj Book: Abou Thar said: “After Ameer Elmo’mineen had known that Khalid Bin Al-Waleed was planning to kill him. He (Pbuh) grabbed Khalid by his index and middle finger. He (Pbuh) squeezed on them and so Khalid uttered a peircing scream that frightened the people. Thereafter, Khalid urinated on his clothes and started hitting the ground with his legs, not saying a word. So Abou Baker said to Omar: “This is your adverse advice. I am looking at him and thanking Allah that we are safe.” Every man that approached to save him from his grip stepped directly away in horror. So Abou Baker and Omar sent for Al-Abbas. Thus he came and interceded for him and said: “In the name of this grave and who is in it and in the name of his sons and their mother, I ask you to leave him.” So he(Pbuh) did so and kissed Al-Abbas between his eyes.”[35]


* Al-Allama Al-Majlisi states in Al-Bihar Book:  Imamite scholars in Manhaj Al-Tahqiq Ila Sawa' Al-Tariq Book reported that Salman Al-Farisi said: “I was with Al-Hassan, Al-Hussein, Mohammad Bin Al-Hanafia, Mohammad Bin Abou Baker, Ammar Bin Yasir and Al-Meqdad Bin Al-Aswad Al-Kindi. Al-Hassan (Pbuh) said to his father (pbuh): “O Ameer Elmo’mineen, Souleiman Bin Dawood asked Allah to grant him a dominion that no one shall have after him and thus He did. Do you have any of what Souleiman  Bin Dawood had?”

Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) said: “I swear by the One Who splits the seed and originates the wind, Souleiman Bin Dawood asked Allah to grant him a dominion and so Allah granted it to him. Yet your father owned after your grandfather what no one owned or will own.” Al-Hassan (Pbuh) said: “We want you to show us some of the dignity that Allah solely allocated for you.” He (Pbuh): “I shall by Allah's will.” Thereafter, Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) renewed his Wodou’, prayed a Salat of two Rik'as and beseeched Allah with words we did not understand, and then he pointed at the west. Thus a cloud swiftly came and stopped above the house and another cloud followed it. Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) said: “O cloud, descend by the permission of Allah.” So it came down saying: “I testify that there is no god but Allah, Mohammad is the Messenger of Allah and you are his successor and custodian. He who doubts you shall perish and he who holds onto you shall walk the path of salvation.” Afterwards, the cloud spread itself on the ground as if it were a carpet.

Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) said: “Sit on the cloud.” So we sat. Thereafter, he (Pbuh) pointed at the second cloud and thus it descended saying as the first one said. Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) sat on it alone and then he uttered some words and pointed at the west. Thus a wind blew from under the clouds and raised it. I looked at Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) and saw him sitting on a chair and his face was shining with light. Al-Hassan (Pbuh) said: “O Ameer Elmo’mineen, Souleiman Bin Dawood was obeyed by his ring. By what is Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) obeyed?” He (Pbuh) said: “I am the Eye of Allah in His land. I am the Tongue of Allah amongst His creations. I am the Light of Allah  that never quenches. I am the Door of Allah that leads to Him and His argument over His servants.” Thereafter, he (Pbuh) said: “Do you like me to show you the Souleiman's ring?” We said: “Yes.” So he put his hand in his pocket and took out a gold ring on which was a ruby. Written on the ruby was ‘Mohammad and Ali’. We wondered at this. Thus he (Pbuh) said: “what caused you to wonder? There is no wonder when speaking of someone like me. I will show you today what you had never seen before.”

Imam Al-Hassan (Pbuh) said: “I want you to show me Ya’ajuj and Ma’ajuj and the veil that is between us and them.” Thus the wind beneath the cloud blew, and we heard it roar like thunder and then it rose in the air. Ameer Elmo’mineen stayed before us until we reached a very high mountain. There was a dry tree whose leaves had fallen. Imam Al-Hassan (Pbuh) said: “Why is this tree dry?” Imam Ali (Pbuh) said: “Ask it and it will answer you.” Imam Al-Hassan (Pbuh) said: “O tree, why are you dry as we see you?” It did not answer. Thus Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) said: “For the sake of my right, answer him.” I swear to Allah, I heard it say: “I am at your beck and call, O custodian of the Messenger of Allah and his successor.” Thereafter, it said: “O Abou Mohammad, Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) used to come to me every night before dawn, pray a prayer of two Rika's and recite many glorifications. When he finished, a white cloud which blows wind, having the scent of Musk used to come to him, carrying a chair on which he sat. I used to live by his blessings. He had not come since forty days and this is why I am as you see me.”

Thus Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) prayed under the tree and then stroked it with his hand. So it turned green again as it was before. He afterwards ordered the wind to carry us. Thereafter, we saw an angel, having one hand that reaches the east and another that reaches the west. When the angel saw Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh, he said: “I Testify that there is no god but Allah, Mohammad is His servant and messenger. He sent him with guidance and the true religion to rise over all religions even if the polytheists detest it. I testify that you are his custodian and successor truly and rightfully.”

We said: “O Ameer Elmo’mineen, who is that who has one hand reaching the east and the other reaching the west? He (Pbuh) said: “This is the angel that Allah made responsible for the day and night. He shall persist until the Day of Resurrection. Allah made me responsible for the matters of this earthly world (Donia). The deeds and work of all creatures is displayed before me every day and then it is raised to Allah.” Thereafter, we continued until we stopped by the dam of Ya’ajuj and Ma’ajuj. So Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) said to the wind: “Land us beyond this mountain,” and he pointed at a great mountain, the mountain of Al-Khodor (pbuh). We saw that the dam seemed as if it was as steep as sight can perceive and as black as a pitch-dark night with smoke rising from its parts. Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) said: “O Abou Mohammad, I am the absolute master of these servants.” I saw three kinds: each one of the first kind was one hundred twenty Arms tall. Each one of the second kind was seventy Arms tall. Each one of the third kind spread one of his ears on the ground on which he slept and covered himself with the other ear. Afterwards, Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) ordered the wind to take us to Qaf Mountain. It is made of a green emerald on which an angel stands in the image of an eagle. When he saw Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh), he said: “Peace be upon you O custodian of the Messenger of Allah and his successor. Do you allow me to speak?” The Imam (Pbuh) said: “If you want to speak then speak or if you want, I can foretell you what you wanted to ask me?” The angel said: “You speak, O Ameer Elmo’mineen.” The Imam (Pbuh) said: “You want me to grant you permission to visit Al-Khodor (pbuh).” He said: “Yes.” The Imam (Pbuh) said: “I give you permission.” Thus the angel hustled, after saying: “In the name of Allah the Most Gracious The Most Merciful.”

We took a walk on the mountain and there was that angel, as he came back from his visit to Al-Khodor (pbuh). I said: “O Ameer Elmo’mineen, I noticed that the angel visited Al-Khodor only after he took permission from you.” The Imam (Pbuh) said: “I swear to the One Who raised the sky without pillars, if anyone wanted to take a step as short as a grasp of air, he cannot unless I give him permission. The same applies to my son Al-Hassan, followed by Al-Hussein and then his nine descendents whose ninth is Al-Qa’im.

We said: “Who is the angel responsible for Mount Qaf?” He said: “Tarjaeel.” We said: “O Ameer Elmo’mineen, How do you come to this place every night and then leave?" He (pbuh) said: "As the means by which I brought you. I swear to He Who splited the seed and originated the wind, if you knew a part of it, your heart woudn't have endured it. The Greatest Name of Allah stands on seventy two letters. Asaf Bin Barkhia knew one letter which he uttered and thus Allah Almighty broke down the earth between him and the throne of Bilqees until he grabbed the chair and then the earth returned as it was faster than a blink of an eye. Yet we, by Allah, have seventy two letters and Allah Almighty posseses alone one letter in His knowledge of the Unseen. There is no power and no might but in Allah, the Most High, the Great. There are some people who know us and others who deny us.

 Thereafter, he (pbuh) stood up and so did we. We saw a young man praying between two graves on the mountain and so we asked: "Who is this young man?” The Imam (Pbuh) said: “Salih, the Prophet and these two graves are his father's and mother's grave. He worships Allah between them.” When Salih looked at him, he could not handle himself and started crying. Afterwards, he gestured with his hand at Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) and then placed it back on his chest as he shed tears. Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) stood next to him until he finished his prayer. We said: “Why are you weeping?” Salih said: “Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) used to pass by me every noon. He used to sit and thus my worship would increase just by looking at him. It has been ten days since he last came and that worried me.” We were astonished by that. Thereafter, Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) said: “Do you want me to show you Souleiman Bin Dawood?” We said: “Yes.” So he stood and followed him as he entered a garden much more beautiful than any garden we have seen before. It embraces all kinds of fruits and grapes, flowing rivers and birds singing in harmony on trees. When the birds saw him, they started flying around him until we reached the center of the garden. We saw a bed on which a young man lied on his back with his hand on his chest. Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) took the ring out of his pocket and put it in Souleiman’s finger. Thus he immediately stood and said: “Peace be upon you O Ameer Elmo’mineen and custodian of the Messenger of the Lord of all Realms. I swear to Allah, you are the supreme saint and greatest Farouq (Separator of truth from falsehood). He who holds onto you wins and he who abandons you fails and loses. Verily, I beseeched Allah Almighty by you, O Ahlul-Bayt, and thus Allah granted me that dominion.”

Salman said: "When I heard Souleiman, I couldn’t resist myself, so I threw myself upon the feet of Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh), and began to kiss them. I thanked Allah Almighty for his generous giving of guiding me to be loyal to Ahlul-Bayt and follow them (pbut) who were kept away from every profanity and were indeed purified by Allah. My companions did as I did. Afterwards, I asked Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) about what is behind Mount Qaf. He (Pbuh) said: “Behind it is what your knowledge can’t perceive.” We said: “Do you have knowledge of it, O Ameer Elmo’mineen?” He (Pbuh) said: “My knowledge of what is behind is like my knowledge of this Donia and what is in it. I am its keeper and the witness after the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) and so are the custodians after me.” Then Imam (Pbuh) said: “Indeed, I know the roads of the skies more than I know the roads of earth. We are the treasured hidden name. We are the superior names by which if Allah is asked, He responds. We are the names that are written on the Throne. For our sake, Allah created the sky, earth, Throne, Chair, Heaven and Hell. From us, the angels learned exaltation, praise, monotheism (Tawhid), Tahleel and Takbeer. We are the words the Adam received from his Lord and thus He accepted his repentance.” Thereafter, the Imam (Pbuh) said: “Do you want me to show you a wondrous matter?” we said: “Yes.” He (Pbuh) said: “Close your eyes.” So we did and then he (pbuh) said to us: "Open your eyes." So when we did, we realized that we were in a city bigger than any city we had ever seen. Therein were opened markets and people greater than any people we had ever seen, for they were as tall as palm trees. We said: “O  Ameer Elmo’mineen, Who are they?” He (Pbuh): “The remaining of Aad people. They are infidels who do not believe in Allah. I liked to show them to you. I want to annihilate this city and its inhabitants without them feeling it.” We said: “O Ameer Elmo’mineen, will you doom them without an argument?” He (Pbuh) said: “No, but I have an argument against them. He approached them and let them see him, so they intended to kill him as we were seeing them and they were seeing us. Afterwards, he (pbuh) stepped away from them, approached us and passed his hand over our chests and bodies. He uttered some words that we did not understand and then returned to them, yet looking like them. Thereafter, he (Pbuh) thundered at them. Thus we thought that the land was turned upside down, that the sky fell, and that thunderbolts were coming out of his mouth! Therefore, not one of them remained existing.

We said: “O Ameer Elmo’mineen. What did Allah do to them?” He (Pbuh) said: “They perished and they are all in Hell.” We said: “This is a miracle that we did not see or hear about before.” He (Pbuh) said: “Do you want me to show what is more wondrous than that?” We said: “We all cannot endure anything else. Allah's damnation be upon he who doesn't follow you, isn’t loyal to you and doesn’t believe in your virtues and great rank in the sight of Allah Almighty, as well as the damnation of the condemners, angels and all creatures until the Day of Religion.”

Thereafter, we asked him to take us back home. So he (Pbuh) said: “I will do that by the Will of Allah,” and then pointed at the two clouds and thus they approached. He (Pbuh) said: “Take your seats.” So we sat and he (pbuh) sat on the other cloud. He ordered the wind to carry us. It carried us until we rose high in the air and saw the earth as the size of a Dirham. Thereafter, we landed in the Ameer Elmo’mineen's (Pbuh) home in less than a blink of an eye. We reached Al-Medina city at noon. It was the time of prayer and Athan (The call for prayer) was being recited. We left at dawn. So we said: “How wondrous is this! Mount Qaf is as far as about a five-year journey. Yet we came back in five hours of a day.” Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) said: “If I wanted to travel the entire world and seven skies, and then return in less than a blink of an eye, I would by what I have of the greatest name of Allah.” We said: “O Ameer Elmo’mineen, By Allah you are the greatest sign of Allah, and you are the man of the dazzling miracles after your brother and cousin the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp).”


* Ibn Shathan states in Al-Fada'el Book: It is reported that a group of companions of the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) came to him and said: "O Messenger of Allah. Allah took Ibrahim as His intimate, spoke to Moussa, and Issa used to revive the dead. So what did your Lord make of you?" The Prophet (Pbuhp) said: "Allah took Ibrahim as His intimate, yet He took me as His beloved one. Allah spoke to Moussa from behind a veil, yet I saw the majesty of my Lord and He spoke to me directly without any means. Issa used to revive the dead by Allah's permission. If you want I can revive your dead for you by the permission of Allah, the Most High." They said: "Yes, we want." So he (Pbuhp) sent Ameer Elmo'mineen, Ali (Pbuh) with them after he had draped him with his cloak. The cloak's name was the Answered Cloak." Thereafter, he (Pbuhp) tightened his belt around Ali's (Pbuh) waist and ordered them to walk with Ali (Pbuh) to the cemeteries. When they reached the cemeteries, he greeted the people in their graves and uttered words that they did not understand. Thus the earth started trembling, the dead rose and they all said: "Peace be upon the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) and Peace be upon Ameer Elmo'mineen, Ali Bin Abi Talib (Pbuh)." They were terrified and they said to Ameer Elmo'mineen (Pbuh): "O Abou Al-Hassan, forgive us may Allah forgive you." So he seized to continue his words and supplication. Thus they turned to the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) and said: "O Messenger of Allah, forgive us may Allah forgive you." He (Pbuhp) said: "You denied Allah. May Allah forgive you not on the Day of Resurrection." [36]

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