* Al-Sheikh Al-Sadouq states in Al-Khisal Book: Reported from Abou Moussa Al-Asha’ari from the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) that he said: “The Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) said: “Three are who don’t go to heaven: intoxicants addict, magic addict and a man who cut off his relatives.” [1]


* Ibn Idrees Al-Holli states in Al-Sara’er Book: Reported from Al-Haitham that he said to Imam Abou Abdellah (Pbuh): “There is a man in our island who people come to him asking him about who stole them and matters like that. Can we go and ask him?” Imam (Pbuh) said: “The Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) said: “He disbelieved in what Allah had descended of the Book he who walks to a priest or a magician or a liar believing in them.” [2]


* Al-Sheikh Al-Sadouq states in Al-Khisal Book: Reported from Qabous that he heard Imam Abou Abdellah (Pbuh) say: “soothsayers are damned, monks are damned, magicians are damned, female singers are damned and who refuges her and consumes from her money.” Also Imam (Pbuh) said: “The soothsayer is the like the monk. The monk is like the magician. The magician is like the infidel and the infidel is in hell.” [3]


* Nahej Al-Balagha Book:Ameer Elmo’mineen (Pbuh) told some of his companions: “The soothsayer is like the monk. The monk is like the magician. The magician is like the infidel and the infidel is in hell.” [4]


* Al-Sheikh Al-Sadouq states in Man La Yahdurohu Al-Faqeeh Book: Reported from Al-Sukuni from Imam Jaa’far Bin Mohammad (Pbuh) from his Father (Pbuh) that he said: “The Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) said: “A Muslim magician must be killed. An infidel magician isn’t killed.” One asked: “What isn’t he killed?” He (Pbuhp) said: “Because polytheism is greater than magic and yet magic is coupled to polytheism.” [5]


* Al-Hor Al-Amili states in Wasa’el Al-Shia Book: Reported from Al-Hussein bin Zaid from Imam Sadiq (Pbuh) from his forefathers (Pbut) from the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) that he said: “Allah forbade going to soothsayers.” He disowns what Allah had descended upon Mohammad (Pbuhp) he who goes to a soothsayer and believes in  him.” [6]


* Al-Hor Al-Amili states in Wasa’el Al-Shia Book: Reported from Abdel-Rahman bin Al-Hassan Al-Tamimi from Imam Abou Abdellah (Pbuh) from his forefathers (Pbut) from Imam Ali (Pbuh) that he said: “We are the household who Allah made us not deceiving, lying, magicians or fornicators. He is not from us and we aren’t from him he who has one of these traits.” [7]


* Al-Sheikh Al-Kulaini states in Al-Kafi Book: Reported from Zaid Al-Shahham from Imam Abou Abdellah (Pbuh) that he said: “The magician must be hit by a sword one hit on his head.” [8]


* Al-Sheikh Al-Tabrasi states in Al-Ihtijaj Book: Among the questions of the libertine to Imam Sadiq (Pbuh).
He said: “what is the origin of monks? How can they know the news of people?” Imam (Pbuh) said: “monks were present in the ignorant era. The monk was in the position of the ruler as people come to him to resolve their arguments. He tells them about matters that happen. He know by several means as having good insight, being clever and smart, the lures of the soul, and what is instilled in his heart. This is because demons know what happens on earth and so they tells the monk what happens in houses and lands. As for the news of the skies, demons used to listen at the doors of the skies as it wasn’t blocked or stoned with stars. Yet then they were prevented from listening at the doors of the skies so that there must not be any mix up with the inspirations sent from the skies and so people of earth with not be able to understand what descends to them from their lord to prove the argument and annul doubts. Demons used to listen to a news from the skies about what Allah will destine on his creatures, then they descend to earth and instill it in the heart of the monk. Then the monk adds news from his own and so he mixes truth with falsehood. So the news that the monk is right about are what he heard from the demon and the news that are wrong are the ones that he made up and added. Since demons were prohibited from listening at the doors of the skies there were no more monks. So now demons only tell the monks about what people do and talk. Demons tell demons what happens in far lands like a thief who stole, a man who killed or a missing man… They are like humans, some are honest and some lie.” He said: “How can demons ascend to the skies and they are similar to humans in creation, density and they used to build to Suleiman what humans couldn’t build?” Imam (Pbuh) said: “They were compelled to build to Suleiman. They are light creatures. They feed on breeze. The proof of that is their ascent to the skies to listen at its doors. A thick body can’t reach it either by a ladder or other means.” He said: “Tell me about the origin of magic. How can a magician do such wonders? What does he do?” Imam (Pbuh) said: “Magic is many kinds. One kind is like medicine. As the doctors made a medicine for every disease, so did the magicians. They made for every heath an illness and a trick for every meaning. Another kind is quickness. The third kind is what the followers of demons learn from them.” He said: “Where the demons learned their knowledge of magic from?” Imam (Pbuh) said: “As the doctors learned about knowledge. They learned some by experiments and some by treatments.”  He said: “What do you say about the two angels Harout and Marout and about people saying that these two teach people magic?” Imam (Pbuh): “They are a test for people. Their exaltation is: “Today, when man did this and this, this and that will happen to him. If he treated it with this and that, this and that will happen.” So people learn from their words. Thus they tell people “We are a test, don’t take from us what harms you and doesn’t benefit you.” He said: “Can the magician make a person look like a dog or a donkey or else?” Imam (Pbuh): “The magician has no power to do that. He is weaker than being able to change the creation of Allah. He is a partner of Allah he who is able to change what Allah had set and yet Allah is way exalted above that. If the magician can do what you said he would have stopped himself from aging, from being sick, his hair from turning gray, and from poverty. Gossip is the greatest magic, it separates the loved ones. It creates enmity among the ones peaceful to other. It sheds bloods and breaks homes and uncovers veils. The gossiper is the evilest one that stepped on earth with a foot. The matters of magic that are almost right are near to medicine. A magician treated a man so he couldn’t mate with his wife then when a doctor treated him, his potency returned to him.”

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