Her Martyrdom and what happened on her by the oppressors

Almajlisy reported in Albihar that Fatima (sa) when the day of her death came, she told Asmaa:" Gabriel brought some Camphor from Heaven for the Prophet (pbuh) on the day of his death. So he divided it to three thirds; one was for himself, one for Ali and one for me, and it was forty Dirhams, then she said, O Asmaa! Bring me rest of my father's aromatic oils (Honout) and put it beside my head." So she did. Then she wore her clothes and said:" Wait for a moment and then call me. If I don't answer, I will have followed my father (pbuh)." She waited for a moment and called her, but she didn't answer. So she yelled:" O daughter of Almustafa! O daughter of the most dignified! O daughter of the greatest being who had walked this earth! O daughter of the one who was closest to his God! Yet she didn't answer, so she unveiled her face and found that she had passed away. She embraced her and started to kiss her saying:" O Fatima! When you meet your Father Rasoul Allah, tell him that Asmaa Bint Omais sends her Salam (greetings) to you." At that time, Al-Hasan and Al-Hossain entered and said:" O Asmaa! Why is our mother sleeping at this hour?" She said:" O sons of Rasoul Allah! Your mother isn't sleeping. She has passed away. So Al-Hasan threw himself on her and started to kiss her and say:" O mother! Speak to me, before my soul rises from my body!" And Al-Hossain started to kiss her feet, saying:" O mother! I am your son Hossain; speak to me before my heart stops beating, thus I die… Asmaa said:" O sons of Rasoul Allah! Go to your father and inform him of your mother's death. So they went out and when they reached close to the Mosque, they cried loudly. Then, all the companions (Alsahaba) told them:" O sons of Rasoul Allah, what caused you to cry? May your eyes never cry! Are you crying because you remembered the death of your grandfather and missed him?" They said:" No, our mother Fatima (pbuh) has died." So Ali (pbuh) fell on his face saying:" who shall be my solace, O daughter of Mohammad!! You were my solace, but now after you left, where shall I find my solace !!"

Alshaikh Abbas Alqommi stated in Bayt Al-Ahzan that it was reported in Ketab Saleem that Omar Bin Alkhattab ( May Allah's curse and damnation be upon him), in some years, fined half the money of all of his workers except for Qonfoth ( May Allah's curse and damnation be upon him). Saleem said:" Once, in The Mosque of The Messenger of Allah, I attended a gathering in which everyone there was from Bani Hashem except for Salman, Abu Thar, Al-Moqdad, Mohammad Bin Abi Bakr, Omar Bin Abi Salama and Qais Bin Saed Bin Ebada. Then, Al-Abbas said to Ali (PBUH):" Why didn't Omar (May Allah's curse and damnation be upon him) fine Qonfoth (May Allah's curse and damnation be upon him) as he fined all his workers?" Ali looked at those around him with eyes full of tears and said:" He thanked him for striking Fatima (PBUH) with a whip. So she died with a black mark on her upper arm." 

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