Miracles and virtues of Imam Kathem (AS)

  • Mousa bin Haman said: "I used to see a table of food descend to Mousa Bin Jaafar (pbuh) from the sky in the prison of Al-Rasheed. He used to feed all the prisoners and then he would make it ascend without having anything missing in it."

  • Al-Mofadal bin Amr said:"I was with my Master Mousa Bin Jaafar (pbuh), it was the winter and it was so cold, Imam (pbuh) was wearing a black Chinese silk Jubbah, on his head a yellow turban, and there was a man sitting in front of him called Mahran Bin Sadaqa, he was his writer who was wearing a shirt trembling from the cold. Imam (pbuh) said to him:"Did you finish your duty?" he said;"yes." Imam (AS) said:"Didn't you prepare yourself for this day; by something that warms you in this cold?!" He said:"O Master! I didn't know that this Bitter cold will come this early!" Imam (pbuh) said:"O Mahran! you are in doubt in your Master Mousa?" He said:"I'm in doubt in you because no one of the Imams had dark skin like you or like anyone else!" Imam (pbuh) said:"Woe you! Aren't you afraid from the curse of God! Woe you! I will remove the doubt from your heart if Allah wills." Imam called the doorkeeper and said to him:"Don't let him enter on me after this day until I give him permission." So, the man (writer) went out saying:"What a bad ending!" He left to the Cemetery thinking and then the clouds vanished, and he saw a palace surrounded with palm trees, trees and Basils. The door was opened, so he entered the palace and saw everything that any soul and eye desires and craves. Imam Kathim (pbuh) was sitting on a bed of gold, the Light of his face was Dazzling the light of Sun, surrounded by servants and maids, so he became confused! Imam (pbuh) said:"O Mahran! Your Master has dark or white skin?" Thus, Mahran prostrated, Imam said:"If you weren't our servant, we would have allowed the torment to descend upon you." He said:"Allah inspired me to say{this is the grace of Allah. He gives it to the one He chooses, and Allah is the One Who has the great grace}." And the palace and everyone in it disappeared and I returned to where I was before frightened. Suddenly, I saw my Master on a mule and he (pbuh) said to it:"Tell him." The mule said in a well-spoken tongue:"Your Master has black or white skin?" so, I Prostrated!The Imam said:"Raise your head up, I forgave you, because what you said and your doubt was from your ignorance." He (pbuh) said:" Look!" so, I saw him as a shining full Moon! He (pbuh) said:" I am the one with black skin, and I am the one with white skin," and then he said:{The Knower of the unseen! So, He does not reveal His unseen knowledge to anyone, * Except a messenger whom He has chosen}

  • Ibin Shaher Ashoub states in Almanaqib that it was reported that Al-Rasheed ordered Hameed Bin Mahran, the guard, to mock him (Imam Mousa Bin Jaafar) (pbuh), thus he said:" People have been charmed by you without having proof. I want these two pictures of lions on this cushion to eat me." Therefore, He (pbuh) pointed at them and said:" Take the enemy of Allah!" So, they took him, ate him and said:" What else do you order us to do? Do you want us to take Al-Rasheed?" He said:" No, return to where you were."" 
  • Ibrahim Bin Aswad said:" I saw Mousa Bin Jaafar (pbuh) ascend to the sky and then descend with a spear of light and say:" Are you frightening me with this?!-meaning Al-Rasheed- if I wanted to, I would have stabbed him with this spear." Al-Rasheed was informed about this, so he passed out three times and then he set heim free.""

  • Sima'a Bin Mahran said: "I was at Abu Al-Hasan's dwelling (Al-Kathem) (pbuh) and I stayed there for a long time, so he (pbuh) said: "Do you like to see Abu Abdellah (Al-Sadiq) (pbuh)?" I said: "By Allah! I would love to!" So, he said: "Stand up and enter that room, so I entered that room and saw Abu Abdellah (prayers of Allah be upon him) sitting there.""