Rituals of Sha’ban Month

The Holy Prophet said: “Sha'baan is my month”.
Imam Ali bin Hussein Al Zanul Aabideen (A.S.) told his companions: “The Holy Prophet (S.A.) used to observe fast during the whole month of Sha'baan. Therefore whosoever, in love of the Holy Prophet (S.A.), wishes to seek nearness to Allah and receive bounties, favours and rewards in this world and in the Hereafter, must connect Sha’baan with Ramadan (in the matter of fasting and special prayers).

  It is highly desirable to observe fast on 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sha’baan, & Pray every night a 2 units prayer. In every unit, after the recitation of Soorah Al Faatih’ah, recite Soorah Al Ikhlaas 11 times.. 

   Give Alms (Charity) in HIS name “What are the best deeds that should be done in Sha`baan.” The Imam (a.s) answered, “Almsgiving and seeking forgiveness are the best deeds in Sha`baan. Verily, if anyone of you gives alms in Sha`baan, Almighty Allah will breed that alms in the very same way as you breed your small camels. Hence, this alms will be as huge as Mount Uhud on the Resurrection Day.”  

    Recite 70 times: I seek forgiveness of Allah, and, repentant, beseech Him.
I seek forgiveness of Allah who is “There is no God save He”, the Beneficent, the Merciful; the Ever living, the Eternal, and I turn repentant to Him
According to narrations, the best supplications and invocations that are advisably recited in Sha`baan are the prayers of seeking forgiveness of Almighty Allah (i.e. istighfar). Hence, to seek Almighty Allah’s forgiveness seventy times a day in Sha`baan is equal to seeking His forgiveness seventy Thousand times a day in the other months. 

  Recite the following 1000 times, whenever the count reaches 1000, at any time within the month, the ritual is complete: There is no god save Allah. We do not worship save “He” alone, making religion pure for Him (only), however much the disbelievers be averse.

  On every Thursday Fasting is recommended & Recite 2 units prayer. In every unit, after the recitation of Soorah Al Faatih’ah, recite Soorah Al Ikhlaas 100 times. After the Salaam recite Salawaat 100 times "O Allah! Send Your grace to Muhammad (peace be upon him and his household) and Muhammad's (peace be upon him and his household) progeny". In this respect, a Hadith reads that the heavens decorate themselves each Thursday in Sha`ban and the angels pray Almighty Allah, saying, “O our God: (please do) forgive him who observe fasting on this day and respond to his prayers.”
The Holy Prophet (a.s) is also reported as saying, “If one observe fasting each Monday and Thursday in Sha`baan, Almighty Allah will settle forty of his needs—twenty appertained to the worldly life and twenty to the Hereafter.”

  Recite the Special Salawaat taught by Imam Ali bin Husayn Al Zaynul Aabideen (A.S.)
Recite Munajat e Shabaniyah with presence of heart.