The doaa of Imam Jaafar Al-Sadiq (pbuh) after prayer

* Duaa of Imam Al-Sadiq (pbuh): He (AS) said:" When you finish doing your prayers, say:' O Allah, I yield to you by obeying You and following Your Wilaya (Arabic for Divine Leadership) and Your Messenger's Wilaya and the Wilaya of the Imams (pbut), from the first one of them to the last'. Name them all and then say:' O Allah I yield to You by obeying You, following their Wilaya, and accepting what you have favored them with, without having haughtiness nor disbelieving the meanings You have sent to us in your Holy Book nor the ones You haven't sent; I believe, admit and accept them all. I am content with everything You are content with, O Lord. All I want from this is You and the Afterlife, having both fear and desire for You. So allow me to live-as long as You let me live- this way; allow me to die, when You choose for me to die, this way and when You resurrect me, resurrect me this way. If I have been neglectful in the past, I repent to You, desire what You have and ask You to prevent me from doing sins. Never leave me alone with my self as long as You let me live, not more than that nor less. For the self always desires evil, except when You choose to have mercy, O Most Merciful. I ask You to make me obedient to You until I die with this obedience as well as You being pleased with me. I ask You to end my path with bliss; never prevent me from having it, for You have all the power.'" (1)


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