A brief biography of The Messenger Of Allah (Pbuhp)

His name and linage (Pbuhp):

Mohammad son of Abdellah son of AbdelMoutalib son of Hashem son of AbedManaf son of Qusai bin Kalab son of Mourra son of Lawi son of Ghaleb son of Faher son of Malik son of Al-Nader son of Kanana son of Khazima son of Moudrika son of Ilias son of Moudar son of Nizar son of Ma'ed son of Adnan.


His mother (Pbuhp):

Amina daughter of Wahab son of AbedManaf son of Zuhra son of Kalab (Pbuh).


His surname (Pbuhp):

Abou Al-Qasem, Abou Ibrahim.


His nicknames (Pbuhp):

Al-Mustapha (The Chosen one). He has many nicknames that were mentioned in Quran: The Final Prophet, Al-Ummi, Al-Muzzamil, Al-Mudathir, Al-Natheer, Al-Moubeen, Al-Kareem, Al-Nour, Al-Ni'ma, Al-Rahma, Al-Abed, Al-Ra'ouf, Al-Raheem, Al-Shahed, Al-Moubashir, Al-Da'ee and others.


His Birth (Pbuhp):

His mother got pregnant on Tashreeq Days and said: "I didn’t experience any hardship till I gave birth to him."

His father Abdellah went on a trade to Sham while his mother was pregnant. When he came back he stayed at his uncle's home Bani Al-Najjar in Al-Madina City. He got ill there and died when his mother was still pregnant.

Prophet Mohammad (Pbuhp) was born on the seventeenth of Rabee' The First on the Elephant Year (571 AD) as known amongst Shiites.

It is called the Elephant Year because on this year Makka was attacked by Abarha Al-Habashi who had an Elephant Army.

Imam Abou Abdellah (Pbuh) said: "Iblees was use to penetrate the seven skies. When Issa (pbuh) was born he was blocked in three skies. Yet when the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) was born he was blocked from penetrating the entire seven skies and demons started to be thrown at with stars. Quraish said: "This is the Time of the Hour that we are used to hear about from People of the Book.""

Haleema Al-Sa'diya breastfed him and she had breastfed his uncle Al-Hamza before him.


His Prophecy (Pbuhp):

He was sent as a prophet in Makka in the twenty eighth of Rajab Month when he was forty years old.


His Message (Pbuhp):

He told people to adopt monotheism for three years in secrecy in Makka and then for twenty years in public.


His Migration (Pbuhp):

He migrated from Makka to Al-Madina in the beginning of Rabee' The First Month after thirteen years of his prophecy. This was because of the extreme harm that he and his companions suffered from the polytheists.


His wars (Pbuhp):

Allah gave his Messenger the permission to fight the polytheists, infidels and hypocrites. So he fought them in a lot of battles. The most important of them:

1-  Bader Battle.

2-  Uhud Battle.

3-  Al-Khandaq Battle or Al-AhzabBattle.

4-  Khaibar Battle.

5-  Hunein Battle.


His wives (Pbuhp):

1-  Khadija daughter of Khuwailid. She is his first wive.

2-  Sawda daughter of Zam'a.

3-  A'isha daughter of Abu Baker

4-  Ghaziya daughter of Dudan (Um Shareek).

5-  Hafssa daughter of Omar.

6-  Ramla daughter of Abu Sufian (Um Habiba).

7-  Um Salama daughter of Abu Omaya.

8-  Zeinab daughter of Jahesh.

9-  Zeinab daughter of Khazima.

10- Maimouna daughter of Al-Hareth.

11- Juwairiya daughter of Al-Hareth.

12- Safiyya daughter of Hay'ee bin Akhtab.

13- Maria daughter of Sham'oun Al-Qubtia.


His children (Pbuhp):

1-  Abdellah

2-  Al-Qasem

3-  Ibrahim

4-  Fatima Al-Zahraa (Pbuh)

It was said that there are other children:

5-  Zeinab

6-  Ruqayya

7-  Um Kolthum

 but actually Zeinab, Ruqayya and Um Kolthum were the children of Hadrat Khadija's sister. (this will be prented in an independent article)

The label of his ring (Pbuhp):

Mohammad the Messenger of Allah.


His age (Pbuhp):

Sixty three years old.


The duration of his prophecy (Pbuhp):

Twenty three years.


His date of death (Pbuhp):

The Holy Prophet (Pbuhp) martyred in twenty eighth of Safar Month Year Eleven Hijri.


Place of his Martyrdom(Pbuhp):

Al-Madina Al-Mounawara City.


His grave (Pbuhp):

Al-Madina Al-Mounawara City/ The Sacred Prophet's Mosque.