Venerating the Book of Allah



Al-Shareef Al-Radi states in Nahej Al-Balagha Book: Imam Ali (Pbuh) said: "Know that this Quran is the advisor that doesn’t deceive, the guide the doesn’t misguide and the speaker that doesn’t lie. Everyone who recites Quran will gain and lose. He gains guidance and loses blindness.

Know that after Quran there is no need and before Quran there is no richness. Regard his as your medicine that cures you and seek aid with it in your hard time. In it, there are cures greater than diseases that are disbelief, hypocrisy, deceit and misguidance. Thus use it as your means by which you plead Allah, head towards Allah by loving it. Don’t plead him by his creatures. The servants will never head towards Allah with a matter like Quran.  

Know that it is  an accepted interceder and an honest speaker. He is accepted he whom Quran intercedes for him. The disparaging of Quran to people will be set as a proof. A caller will call on Resurrection Day: "Everyone will be afflicted with what he plowed and the result of his conduct except the ones who plowed with Quran. So plow with Quran and follow it, identify your lord with it, advise yourselves with it, compare your thoughts to it, and deceive your desires by it.  

Jami' Al-Akhbar Book: The Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp): "Quran is the greatest matter below Allah. He venerates Allah he who venerates Quran. He underestimates the sacredness of Allah he who doesn’t venerate Quran. The sacredness of Quran to Allah is as that of the child to his father.

Jami' Al-Akhbar Book: The Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp): "O carriers of Quran, seek the love of Allah by venerating His book. He loves you more and makes His creatures love you."