How to read Quran


Al-Sheikh Al-Kulaini states in Al-Kafi Book:
Mohammad bin Al-Fadeel reported form Imam Abou Abdellah (Pbuh) that he said: "It is not preferred to read Al-Ikhlas Chapter with one breath."

Da'aem Al-Islam Book: Imam Ali (Pbuh) was asked about the saying of Allah { and recite the Qur'an in slow, measured rhythmic tones.}. He (Pbuh) said: " Say it clearly, don’t read fast and don’t recite it like poems. Yet affect with it the cruel hearts and don’t only think about the end of the chapter."

Jami' Al-Akhbar Book: Hutheifa Al-Yamani reported from the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) that he said: "Recite Quran with the melodies of Arabs and their voices. Never recite it with the melodies of the dissolute arrogant people. There will come a time after me when Quran is sung like songs. It doesn’t cross their throats, their hearts are deceived along with the hearts of who like them."

Jami' Al-Akhbar Book: Al-Barra' bin Azib reported from the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) that he said: "Ornament Quran with your voices. A nice voice makes Quran nicer."

Jami' Al-Akhbar Book: Alqama bin Qays said: "I had a nice voice. Abdellah bin Masoud used to call for me so that I recite Quran for him. When I finish, he used to tell me: "Recite more. I heard the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) say: "A man with a nice voice ornaments Quran."