Brief biography of Imam Ali (pbuh)

His name and linage (Pbuhp):

Ali son of Abou Talib son of AbdelMoutalib son of Hashem son of AbedManaf.


His mother (Pbuh):

Fatima daughter of Asad son of Hashem son of AbedManaf.


His Surnames (Pbuh):

Abou Al-Hassan, Abou Al-Hussein, Abou Al-Sibtain, Abou Al-Raihanatain, Abou Turab and others.


His nicknames (Pbuh):

Ameer Elmo’mineen (Prince of believers), Sayyid Al-Muslimeen (Master of Muslims), Imam Al-Mouttaqeen (Imam of the pious ones), Qa’id Al-Ghur Al-Muhajjaleen (The leader of faithful believers), Sayyid Al-Awsiyaa’ (Master of custodians), Al-Murtada, Yasoub Al-Deen, Haydar, Al-Anzaa’ Al-Bateen, Asadoullah (The Lion of Allah), and others.


His date of birth (Pbuh):

He was born on the thirteenth of Rajab Month, after the Elephant year in thirty years. After the birth of the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) in thirty years.


His place of birth (Pbuh):

Makka Al-Mukarrama/ inside Al-Kaa’ba


His wars (Pbuh):

He participated in all the Islamic wars except the Invasion of Tabouk when the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) ordered him to stay in Al-Madina to run its affairs.

As for the wars that he fought when he was Caliph:

1-  Al-Jamal

2-  Sofeen

3-  Al-Nahrawan


His wives (Pbuh):

1-  Fatima Al-Zahraa (Pbuh) daughter of Prophet Mohammad (Pbuhp).

2-  Umama daughter of Abou Al-A’ass.

3-  Um Al-Baneen Al-Kulabia.

4-  Laila daughter of Mas’ood.

5-  Asmaa’ daughter of Omais.

6-  Al-Sahbaa’ daughter of Rabi’a.

7-  Khawla daughter of Jaa’far.

8-  Um Sa’ed daughter of Orwa.

9-  Makhba’a daughter of Umro’ Al-Qays.


His Children (Pbuh):

Historians had different views about his children. The narrations differ between twenty five to thirty three children.

The most prominent are:

1-  Imam Al-Hassan (Pbuh).

2-  Imam Al-Hussein (Pbuh).

3-  The Grandest Zainab(Pbuh) Um Al-Masa’eb (Mother of Calamities)

4-  Young Zainab.

5-  Al-Abbas (Abou Al-Fadel)

6-  Middle Mohammad.

7-  Jaa’far

8-  Abdellah

9-  Othman

10-Mohammad son of Al-Hanafia


12-Um Hani


14-Jumana (Um Jaa’far)



The label of his ring (Pbuh):

Dominion is for Allah The One The Invincible All-Mighty. Other narrations state other labels.


His Age (Pbuh):

Sixty three years old.


Period of Imamate (Pbuh):

Thirty years.


Period of Caliphate (Pbuh):

Three Years.


Date of his Martyrdom (Pbuh):

He (Pbuh) martyred on the Twenty First of Ramadan Month Year Forty Hijri.


Cause of his Martyrdom (Pbuh):

The Cursed Most Miserable of all miserable Abdelrahman bin Muljam stroke him by his sword on his head when he was prostrating in prayer in Kufa Mosque.


Place of his grave (Pbuh):

Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf/ Al-Ghari’ Area.