Yousof Chapter

Tafseer Al-Ayashi Book: Abou Baseer reported from Imam Abou Abdellah (Pbuh) that he said: "He who recites Yousof Chapter every day or every night, Allah will resurrect him with beauty like similar to the beauty of Yousof (pbuh). He shall never encounter any fear that people are suffering and his neighbors will be from the righteous servants of Allah. Yousof was a righteous servant of Allah and he never approached fornication or obscenity in Donia."

Also stated by Ibn Babawaih in Thawab Al-A'amal Book.

Al-Tabrasi states in Majma' Al-Bayan Book: The Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) said: "Teach your servants to recite Yousof Chapter. Any Muslim who recites it and teaches it to his family and servants shall have the hardness of death eased for him by Allah and Allah will give him power that enables him not to be envied by any Muslim."

Khawas Al-Quran Book: Imam Sadiq (Pbuh) said: " Writing it and hanging it on a wall in the house for three day then burying it outside the house shall have the messenger of Sultans calling him and serving all his needs. It is better if one writes it and drinks it. Allah eases his livelihood and grants him good luck."