Al-Ma'arij Chapter (The Ascending stairways)

Ibn Babawaih states in Thawab Al-A'amal Book: Jaber reported from the Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) that he said: "Recite Al-Ma'arij Chapter frequently because Allah will not ask who recites it frequently about his sins. Allah will send him to dwell in heaven with Mohammad and his household (Pbut)."

Al-Tabarsi states in Majma' Al-Bayan Book: The Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) said: "He who recites Al-Ma'arij Chapter, Allah will give him the rewards of who save their trusts and covenants and conserve their prayers."

Khawas Al-Quran Book: The Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) said: "He who recites this chapter is considered to be from the believers who responded for the call of Nouh (pbuh). He who recites it while imprisoned or captivated, Allah saves from prison and guards him till he comes back."

Khawas Al-Quran Book: Imam Sadiq (Pbuh) said: "He who recites it at night before sleep doesn’t have nocturnal emission and he shall be guarded in that night till the morning."