Nouh Chapter

Ibn Babawaih states in Thawab Al-A'amal Book: Al-Hussein bin Hashim reported from his father from Imam Abou Abdellah (Pbuh) that he said: "He who believes in Allah and recites His book must never miss Nouh Chapter. Any servant who reads it with patience in a prayer, Allah will place him among the righteous, give him three heavens of His heavens, marry him to two hundred angelic maids and four thousand maids who aren’t virgins."

 Al-Tabrasi states in Majm'a Al-Bayan Book: The Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) said : "He who recites Nouh Chapter is a believer who responded to the call of Nouh."

Khawas Al-Quran Book:The Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) said: "If one recites it and asks for a need, Allah eases the accomplishment of this need."

Khawas Al-Quran Book: Imam Sadiq (Pbuh) said: "He who recites it constantly day and night doesn’t die until he sees his place in heaven. When you recite it and ask for a need, it will be served for you by the leave of Allah."