1st of Thou Al-Hijja the Blessed marriage of Imam Ali and Sayeda Fatima Al-Zahraa (Pbut)

"Imam Sadiq (PBUH)said: Do you know what Fatima (p.b.u.h) means?" I said:" Tell me my lord" He said:" She was purified from evil." Then He said:" If Amir Almo'imeneen (The prince of believers) hadn't married Her, she wouldn't have had an equal; neither Adam nor anyone after him, until The Day of Resurrection.""

Allah Almighty sent a revelation to Jebra'eel that says:" 

The Light (Noor) got married to the Light; the guardian (Wali) was Allah, the deliverer of the speech was Jebra'eel, the herald was Mika'eel, the caller was Isra'feel, the tosser was Izra'eel and the witnesses were the angels of the skies and lands." Then Allah sent a revelation to the Tree of Touba that told it to toss what it is holding so it tossed white gemstones, red Rubies, green Aquamarines and moist pearls and then the Hour Al-Ein began to pick them up and offer them as presents to each other. 

Before the marriage of Ameer Al-Mo'mineen (pbuh) to Lady Fatima Al-Zahraa (pbuh), Raheel (an angel) delivered a speech in the Holy House to a gathering of the dwellers of the seven skies. So, he said:" Thanks for Allah, the First One before any beginning and the Everlasting after the obliteration of the worlds. We thank Him, for He has made us spiritual angels (Rouhanyeen), who yield to His Divinity and thank Him for what He bestowed upon us. He has concealed us from sins, veiled us from faults, made us dwell in the skies, let us be close to the high pavilions, concealed lusts and desires from us and made our lust and desire be in extolling and praising Him. He is the One who spreads mercy, and grants His blessing; He is far above the atheism of the polytheistic occupants of earth and He has arisen with His greatness above the lies of the atheists." And then he said after this speech:" The Almighty King has chosen the Elite of His Bounty and the servant of His Greatness for His servant, the Lady of Women and the daughter of the greatest prophet, lord of messengers and Imam of the pious ones. Hence, He linked his rope to the rope of a man from the household of his companion, the confirmer of his message and the contributor to his word, Ali to Fatima Al-Batoul, the daughter of the Messenger." Jebra'eel also narrated that Allah, the Most High, said after that:" Thankfulness is My garment, greatness is My pride and all creations are my servants; I have married Fatima, My servant, to Ali, My Elite; hence, be witnesses My angels." 


Abu Abdellah Jaafar Bin Mohammad (pbuh) said:" When Fatima was taken to Ali (pbut) in the wedding procession, Jebra'eel, Mika'eel and Israfeel descended along with seventy thousand angels and then the mule of the Messenger of Allah came, wobbling its head and having a large garment on it. Jebra'eel held the rein, Israfeel held the stirrups, Mika'eel held the back part of the saddle and the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) straightened its garment; and then Jebra'eel said:" Allah is Great!", then Isarfeel, then Mika'eel and then the angels said:" Allah is Great!" Since that time, saying 'Allah is Great' in weddings became a tradition until the Day of Resurrection." 

Imam Kazim (pbuh) said:”An angel of twenty four faces came in on Rasoul Allah (The Messenger of Allah) while He was sitting. So Rasoul Allah said to him:” O my beloved Gabriel! Why do you appear to me in this form?” So, the angel said:” I’m not Gabriel. I’m Mahmoud. Allah has sent me to allow the marriage of The Light to The Light.” He (p.b.u.h) said:” Who to Whom?” He said:” Fatima to Ali” He (p.b.u.h) said:” Then, when he turned to leave, I saw (Mohammad is The Messenger of Allah. Ali is His custodian) Written between his shoulders.” So Rasoul Allah (p.b.u.h) told him:” Since when are these words written on your back?” So he said:” It had been written for twenty two thousand years before Allah Almighty created Adam.” 

Imam Jaafar (PBUH) said:" Allah, The Most High, granted Fatima (PBUH) quarter of the world, Heaven and Hell as a dowry. She has the authority to put her enemies in Hell and her patrons in Heaven. She is the greatest saint (Siddiqa) whom prophets sought 
to acknowledge in the first centuries."

Some of what Fatima Al-Zahraa (pbuh) has said in her will to Ali (pbuh):" When you bury me, bury this paper which is in the box with me." The Master of Custodians (pbuh) said to her:" For the sake of the Prophet tell me what is in it?" She (pbuh) said:" When my father wanted to marry me to you, he said to me:" I want to marry you to Ali with a dowry of four hundred Dirhams." I said:" I am pleased with Ali but I am not pleased with a four hundred Dirham dowry." Thus, Jebra'eel (as) came and said:" O Messenger of Allah! Allah Almighty says:" The Heaven and everything in it is a dowry for Fatima." I said:" I am not pleased." He (pbuh) said:" What matter do you want?" I said:" I want your nation because you are occupied by your nation." Thus, Jebra'eel (as) returned with this letter that has this written on it:" The intercession for the nation of Mohammad (pbuh) is the dowry of Fatima (pbuh)." Hence, on the Day of Resurrection, I shall say:" O God! This (letter) is in exchange for the intercession of Mohammad's nation."

The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said:" I didn't perform the ceremony of the Ali's marriage, for Allah, the Most High, has performed the 

ceremony of his marriage at the night when I was ascended to the sky and had reached the Sedrat Al-Montaha (Tree at the Last Frontier). He sent a revelation to the Tree to throw what it is holding; hence, it threw gemstones and corals. Thus, the Hour Al-Ein began to pick them up, offer them as presents, showing pride of them and saying:" This is from the offerings of Fatima (pbuh), the daughter of Mohammad (pbuh)."

The Prophet (pbuh) said:" Jebra'eel told me that when 

Allah Almighty married Fatima to Ali, He ordered Ridwan to order the Touba Tree so it grew leaves for the lovers of the Household of Mohammad (pbut) and then he made it rain angels of Light (Noor) as the number of those leaves. Thus, these angels took the leaves and when Resurrection Day comes and all the occupants of the world rise, Allah shall make the angels descend with those leaves. Hence, if one of those angels met a lover of the Household of Mohammad, he will give him this leaf to be a safeguard from Hell."

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