The narration of Hadrat Imam al-Rida (AS) about Eid al-Ghadir and its Divine reality

* Al-Sayyid Ibn Tawous Al-Hassani states in Iqbal Al-Aa'mal Book: Reported from Imam Rida (Pbuh) that he said: "On Resurrection Day, four days will have a parade like the parade of the bride to her home." One asked: "What are these days?" Imam said:" Adha Day, Fotor Day, Jom'a Day and Ghadeer Day. Ghadeer day between the other days is like the moon between the planets. It is the day when Ibrahim Al-Khaleel was saved from fire and so he fasted in thanks for Allah. It is the day when Allah completed the religion when the Prophet (Pbuhp) assigned Ali Ameer Elmo'mineen as a banner and revealed his virtues and his custody. And thus he fasted in this day. It is the day of perfection and the day when Satan was held against his will. It is the day of the acceptance of the deeds of the followers and lovers of AL Mohammad (Pbut). It is they day when Allah will regard the deeds of the opposers as dispersed dust.
It is the day when Jibraeel is ordered to build the chair of the dignity of Allah next to the built home. Then Jibraeel will climb on it and the angels come from all the skies, gather and praise Mohammad (Pbuhp) and ask for forgiveness for the followers of Ameer Elmo'mineen and the Imams (Pbut) and who love them from the descendents of Adam (pbuh). It is the day when Allah orders the Honored Writers to raise their pens from writing about the lovers of AL Mohammad and their followers for three days since Ghadeer Day. They don’t write any of their sins for the dignity of Mohammad, Ali and the Imams (Pbut). It is the day that was made for Mohammad, his household and his descendents. It is the day when Allah improves the conditions of and saves from hell who worships in this day and is generous to his family, self and brothers. It is the day when Allah regards the work of the followers as thankful, their sins remitted and their deeds accepted. 
It is the day of relief from grief, the day of eradicating burdens. It is the day of generosity, giving, spreading of knowledge, tidings, and the Grandest Feast. It is the day when pleas are accepted. It is the day of the heavy situation. They day of wearing clothes and taking of the black. The day of the stipulated clause. The day of erasing concerns. The day of forgiving the sinning followers of Ameer Elmo'mineen. It is the Prior Day. It is the day of sending prayers upon Mohammad and AL Mohammad excessively. It is the day of contentment. It is the Feast of the Household of Mohammad (Pbut). It is the day of accepting the deeds, asking for more, rest for the believers, trade, intimacy, reaching the mercy of Allah, purification, abandoning the grand sins, worship, and breaking the fast of the fasting. He who breaks the fasting of a believer on this day is like who fed Fi'ams and Fi'ams" –till he said that ten times then he said- "Do you know what is the Fi'am?" he said: "No." Imam: "It is one hundred thousand. It is the day of congratulations to each other. When a believer meets his brother he shall say: "Thanks for Allah that he allowed us to be from those who are steadfast in loyalty to Ameer Elmo'mineen (Pbuh) and the Imams (Pbut). It is the day of smiling in the faces of people of faith. He who smiles in the face of his brother of Ghadeer Day Allah shall look at him with mercy on Resurrection Day, serves him a thousand needs, builds him a castle of white pearls in heaven and shines his face.
It is the day of ornaments. Allah shall remit all the sins of he who ornaments himself for this day, small or grand sins. Then Allah sends angels to him to write his righteous deeds and raise him in ranks till this day of the next year. If he died he shall dies as a martyr and if he lived he lives happily. He who feeds a believer on this day is as if he fed the entire prophets and saints. He who visits a believer on this day Allah lights his grave with seventy lights and widens it. Seventy thousand angels will visit him everyday delivering to him glad tidings of heaven.
On Ghadeer Day, revealed the Wilaya (Divine Guardianship) of Ali before the seven skies. The first to admit was the seventh sky so Allah ornamented it with the throne. Then the forth sky admitted so Allah ornamented it with the built home, then the sky of Donia admitted and so Allah ornamented it with planets. Then Allah revealed the Wilaya of Ali before the lands. The first land to admit was Makka and so Allah ornamented it with Kaa'ba. Then Al-Madina admitted and so Allah ornamented it with Al-Mustapha Mohammad (Pbuhp) then Al-Kufa admitted and so Allah ornamented it with Ameer Elmo'mineen (Pbuh). He revealed it before the mountains. Three mountains admitted at first: Ateeq Mountain, Turquoise Mountain and Ruby Mountain. Thus these mountains became theirs and it had the best of jewels. Then other mountains admitted and it was the mountains of gold and silver. The mountains that didn’t admit don't grow anything. It was revealed before the water. Who accepted it became pure and tasty and who denied because salty and brine. Allah he revealed it before the plants. Who accepted became sweet and tasty and who didn’t accept became bitter. Then he revealed it before the birds. Who accepted it gained an eloquent tongue and a nice voice and who denied it became mute. The parable of the believers who had loyalty to Ameer Elmo'mineen (Pbuh) on Ghadeer Day is the angels when they prostrated to Adam. The parable of who denied loyalty to Ameer Elmo'mineen is Iblees. On this day this verse descended {Today I completed your religion for you}. Allah sent all the prophets on Ghadeer Day and Allah made them know its sanctity as they assigned the custodians for their nations after them on this Day." 


إقبال الأعمال ج2 ص260، عنه البحار ج27 ص262
Iqbal Al-Aamal vol.2 p.260, Al-Bihar vol.27 p.262

Inspected & Translated by Sayyid Shouhadaa's (A.S) Center for Islamic Research
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