Allah's Commandments to Issa (pbuh)

"O Issa, I'm you lord and the lord of your forefathers. My name is  One and I'm the Only. I created everything solely. Everything is made by Me and everything will return back to Me.


O Issa, you are the Messiah by My command. You create birds out of clay by My leave. You revive the dead by My words. So let your desire be towards Me and your fear be of Me. You will never find a shelter that protects you from Me but Me.


O Issa, I command you the commandments of a merciful kind one to you as the right of loyalty to you was granted to you by Me. Thus you were blessed when you are old and you were blessed when you are young wherever you are, you are my servant and the son of my servant.


O Issa, regard Me as your concern. Always remember Me and seek closeness to Me with voluntary prayers. Depend on Me and I will satisfy you. Follow other than Me and I will fail you.


O Issa, endure the calamities and accept destiny. Gladden Me. I'm gladdened when I'm obeyed and not disobeyed.


O Issa, celebrate My remembrance with your tongue and let loving Me be in your heart. O Issa, be aware in the hours of unawareness and give judgments in my cause with nice wisdom.


O Issa, plead and fear me. Kill your heart with fear.


O Issa don't forget the night so that you gladden Me. Be thirsty during your days for it will be your supplies on your day of need before me.


O Issa, work hard when doing good so that you are known to be good wherever you head.


O Issa, give your statements to My servants according to My advice. Be just to them with My justice for I bestowed upon you the cure of what is the chests of demonic diseases.


O Issa, don't sit with people of vanity. O Issa, I truly tell you. Every nation that believes in Me fears Me. Every nation that fears Me pleads My rewards. Bear witness. Such a nation is safe from My punishment if it didn't change my way.


O Issa son of the forgoing virgin, cry over yourself with the tears of a man who said goodbye to his family, forwent Donia for its people and all his desires are towards what is with Allah.


O Issa, along that always talk in a kind way and greet people. When the eyes of the righteous are asleep be always awake in awareness from the appointed time, the massive earthquakes and the horrors of Resurrection Day when no family or children or money can help.


O Issa, let your eyes be sad when the falsifiers are in laughter. O Issa, be pious and patient. Bliss is to you if you earn what the patient ones are promised.


O Issa, forgo Donia day after day and taste what it had lost it taste. Truly I tell you. Indeed, gladness is restricted to the time of the event in Donia. So be satisfied with coarse clothes and hard dry food. You saw what will happen to you. What you take is all written and what you do. O Issa, you are in authority so be merciful to the weak as I'm merciful to you. Don't oppress orphans.


O Issa, cry over yourself in prayer and move your feet towards the places of prayers. Let me hear the pleasure of your speaking by celebrating my remembrance. What I do to you is good. O Issa, how many are the nation which I perished because of a sins from which I prevented you.


O Issa, be kind to the weak. Raise your sight to the sky and supplicate me. I'm close to you. Don't supplicate me but in humbleness having one concern. When you supplicate me in this way I respond to you.


O Issa, I didn't accept Donia to be the clothing of the ones before you or accepted it to be the punishment for the ones from which I took my revenge.

 O Issa, you perish and I cause to persist.  Your livelihood is from me and I have the time of your death. Your return is to me and your judgment is my responsibility. So ask me and no other. Thus your supplication is good and my response would be good.


O Issa, how plenty are humans and yet how few are the ones who were patient. Trees are plenty and yet the tasty ones are few. Don't be seduced by the beauty of the tree until you taste it.


O Issa, don't be seduced by the servant who is arrogant over me with disobedience. He eats from my livelihood and worships other than me. Then he supplicates me when he is in distress and I respond to him. Then he returns back as he was before. Is he being arrogant over Me? Or is he seeking my discontentment? I swear to Me, I will punish him with a punishment from which he can't be saved or sheltered. To where would they escape? Would he escape my lands or my skies?


O Issa, say to the wrongdoers of Banu Israeel not to supplicate me will illicit food is in their stomachs and idles are in their homes. I will respond to them but my response is damnations upon them so that they scatter apart.


O Issa, how beautiful is seeing and how good is asking when people are in unawareness from which they will never wake up. Words exit their mouths but their hearts understand nothing of it. I detest them for that as they also get close to believers using me.


O Issa, let your tongue be the same in secrecy and in public as well as your heart and sight. Prevent your heart and tongue away from what is prohibited. Avert your sight away from matters in which there is no good. Many are the ones who had a look that planted desire in their hearts and led them to doom.


O Issa, be merciful and treat the servants as you like the servants to treat you. Always remember death and the departure away from the family. don't play, mere play corrupts. Don't fall in unawareness, the unaware ones are far from me. Remember me in the good matters so that I remember you.


O Issa, return to me in repentance after sin. Remind the escapers of me. Believe in me and get close to believers. Command them to supplicate me along with you. Never cause an oppressed man to supplicate. I promised myself that I open a door for his supplication in the sky and I shall respond to him even if after a while.


O Issa, know that the evil companion seduces and the evil consort dooms. Know whom you choose to be with you. Choose the believers to be your brothers.


O Issa, return to me in repentance. There is no sin that is greater than my forgiveness. I'm The Most Merciful of the Merciful ones.


O Issa, work for your sake as if you have a plenty of time before death before anyone works for it and worship me in a day as if it is one thousand years. I reward for a righteous deed with multiples such as.  Sin taints who does it and competes with righteous deeds. Many are the gatherings in which people were spared from hell.


O Issa, forgo the one that is perish. Go to the homes of the ones before you. Is there any of them left? learn from them and know that you will follow them.


O Issa, say to the ones who were arrogant by disobedience and worked with deception to anticipate my punishment and wait for the doom that I will cause him as they will be with the perished ones. Congratulations to you O son of Mariam, congratulations to you if you followed the morals of your lord who is kind and merciful to you, who granted you blessings out of his generosity, who aided you in hardships. Don't disobey him.

O Issa, you aren't allowed to disobey him. The covenant that I made with you is the same as the one i made to the ones before you. Surly I admit that.


O Issa, I didn't honor any creature with anything like my religion. I didn't bless it with anything like my mercy.


O Issa, wash what is apparent of you with water and cure what is hidden in you with righteous deeds. For Indeed you are to return to me.


O Issa, what I blessed you with of bounties were givings that are void of weariness. I asked you for a loan for your own sake but you acted niggardly at its expense and thus you are to doom.


O Issa, ornament yourself with religion. Love the poor. Walk slowly on earth and pray on all lands. It is all pure.


O Issa, prepare yourself. All that is to come is near. Recite my book when you are pure and make me hear your voice in sadness. O Issa, there is no good in the pleasure that is to end and in the life that is to end. O son of Mariam, If you can see what I had prepared for my righteous saints your heart would melt and your soul would long for  it. There is no home like the final home where the righteous are neighbors being visited by the close angels. They are the ones who shall be safe from the horrors of Resurrection Day. A home where bliss doesn't change and doesn't leave its inhabitants.

O son of Mariam, compete in it with the competitors. It is the wish of the wishers. It is good looking. Congratulations to you son of Mariam if you work to earn it along with your forefathers Adam and Ibrahim. In it are heavens and bliss where you shall never wish for anything other than it. This is what I do to the pious ones.


O Issa, escape towards me with the ones who escape the hell of fire and the fire of chains. No relief enters it and no sadness exits it ever. It is like the dark night. He who escapes it wins and he is doomed he who isn't saved from it. It is the home of the tyrants and the unjust oppressors and every rude and vainglorious man.


O Issa, the worst of homes is Donia for the ones who sought it and the worst of homes is the hereafter for the wrongdoers. I warn you from your Self. Know me well.


O Issa, be aware of me wherever you are. Admit that I created you and that you are my servant. I formed you and descended you to earth. O Issa, there can't be two tongues in one mouth or two hearts in one chests and so the minds are.


O Issa, don't wake up in disobedience or mere play. Stay away from sins and abandon every pleasure that keeps you far from me. Know that to me you are a trusted messenger so beware of me and know that your earthly life leads you back to me and I will take you back. Think of yourself as a servile when remembering me, let your heart fear me and be aware when the unaware ones are asleep. O Issa, this is my advice to you and my lessons. learn them for Indeed I'm the lord of all realms.


O Issa, if a servant was patient in my cause I shall reward him myself. I shall be next to him when he supplicates me. Enough is me to take revenge from who disobeyed me. where would the wrongdoers escape me?


O Issa, rush with the righteous deeds towards me so that there is a remembrance for it with me. Hold onto my commandments. It cures the heart."



Allah also advised Issa bin Mariam (pbuh) and said to him:


O Issa, If you deceive don't feel secure regarding my plan. Don't forget to remember me when you are along sinning. O Issa, judge yourself by turning back to me so that you are rewarded among the good doers. Those are the ones who will be given their rewards and I'm the greatest of givers.


O Issa, you were created by my words. Your mother gave birth to you by my command. The one who sent her from my soul was The Trusted Jibraeel. Then you stood alive on land and walking. All these were in my past prior knowledge.


O Issa, Zakaria is like a father to you and he is the caretaker of your mother. Whenever he used to come to her at the sanctuary he used to find livelihood with her. Your peer among my creatures is Yahya. I granted him to his mother after she was old and had no power. I wanted to show my dominance by that and I wanted to show my power in you. The ones whom I love the most among you are the most obedient ones to me and the most ones fearing me.


O Issa, be vigilant. Don't despair from my mercy and exalt me along with the ones exalting me. Hallow me with the good words.


O Issa, how do servants disbelieve in me when their souls are in my hands and they are in my land. They are ignorant of my bounties and blessings. They follow my enemies. This is how the infidels perish.


O Issa, Donia is nasty smelly prison. In it you will see what the tyrants insisted on having. Never seek Donia because all its bliss are to perish. Its bliss is only few.


O Issa, if you seek me on your pillow you will find me. supplicate me with love and I will hear you. I respond to the one supplicating when they supplicate me.


O Issa, fear me and make my servants fear me so that the sinners might stop sinning. I created all these so fear me.


O Issa, dominion is in my hands. I'm the dominant king. If you give me I send you to my heavens to neighbor the righteous ones. O Issa, if my rage is upon you no contentment of anyone whom you contented can benefit you. If I was content with you no anger of anyone who is angry at you can harm you.


O Issa, remember me in yourself and so I remember you. Remember me in every matter so that I remember in every good matter.


O Issa, supplicate me as if you are drowning and there is no one to save you. Don't swear to my name and lie as the my throne would shiver in anger.


O Issa, Donia's life is short and its hopes are long. Yet the home that I have is greater than all what they can collect. O Issa, say to the wrongdoers of Banu Israeel: "What would you do if i bring a book that speaks the truth and uncovers secrets that you have concealed?"


O Issa, say to the wrongdoers of Banu Israeel: "You washed your faces and yet you polluted your heart. Did you understand me wrong or you dare to be arrogant? You put on nice perfume for the inhabitants of Donia when you inner-souls are nasty corpses to me. As if you are dead people."


O Issa, say to them: "Prevent your fingers from gaining illicit profits. Prevent your ears from hearing songs. Turn towards me with your hearts. I don't want your images."


O Issa, be gladdened with the righteous deed because it is contentment to me. Cry over the sin because it is discontentment to me. Don't do anything to others that you don't like it to be done to you. If you were slapped on your right cheek turn the left one and try to reach closeness to me with love and disregard the ignorant.


O Issa, be humble with the people of righteous deeds and be their partner in doing it and be their witness. Say to the wrongdoers of Banu Israeel: "O people of sin and evil. If you don't stop I will deform you into chimps and pigs."


O Issa, say to the wrongdoers of Banu Israeel: " Wisdom makes many parties of me cry and yet you laugh loud. Did I give you innocence or you are secure from my torment or you are waiting my punishment? I swear to myself I will make you a lesson for history.


O son of virgin Mariam I enjoin you with he master of messengers and my loved one among them Ahmad who has the red camel and the moony face. The one with the shining light, the pure heart, the mighty and brave, the shy and generous. He is a mercy for the entire realms. He is the master of humans on the day he meets me, the most honored among the foremost towards me, the closet messenger to me, the Arabian the Ummi, the one who judges according to my religion, the one who is patient in my cause, the one who fights with his body against the polytheists defending my religion. O Issa, I command you to tell Banu Israeel about him and to command them to believe him, believe in him, follow him and advocate him."


Issa said: "O lord, who is he?" 

Allah said: "O Issa, content him and you shall earn contentment."

Issa said: "O Allah, I accept. Who is he?"

Allah said: "Mohammad the Messenger of Allah to all people. He is the closest to me. He is the one who has the highest intercession. Congratulations to him what a prophet. Congratulations to his nation if they meet me following his path. The inhabitants of earth thank him and the inhabitants of the skies ask forgiveness for him. He is trustful, auspicious, and honorable. To me he is the greatest of all the past and the coming ones. He will appear at the end of time. When he comes the skies will bestow its goodness and earth will bring out its fruits so that they see the blessings. I bless all what he puts his hand on. He has plenty of wives and few children. He will live in Bakka where Ibrahim placed the foundations.


O Issa, I showed you everything that brings you close to me and I prohibited you from everything that pushes you far from me. So take care of yourself.


O Issa, Donia is nice yet I created you in it so that you obey me. So avoid what I  warned you from and take from what I gave you. O Issa, behold your conduct with the eyes of a sinning and wrong servant. Don't behold the conduct of other in the eyes of the lord. Forgo it and don't desire it or else you will be harmed. O Issa, contemplate, think and behold in the lands how was the end of the wrongdoers.


O Issa, my commandments are all advice to you. All my words are true as I'm The Incontrovertible Truth. Truly I say to you. If you disobey me, besides me you shall have no protector or advocator. O Issa, humiliate your heart with fear. Look downwards towards the ones below you and don't look upwards towards the ones above you. Know that the head of every sin is loving Donia. So don't love it as I don't love it.


O Issa, cure your heart with me and always remember me in the times when you are alone. Know that I'm gladdened when you look towards me, be alive when doing that and not dead.


O Issa, never regard partners for me in anything. Beware of me. Don't be seduced by health and be glad because of it because Donia bliss is to end. What comes in it goes as it comes. So use your efforts to compete in righteousness and be with the truth and right no matter what. Even if you were chopped and burned don't disbelieve in me after having knowledge and don't be among the ignorant. Each one ends with what he accompanies.


O Issa, grant me the tears from your eyes and the fear of your heart.

O Issa, ask forgiveness from me in the hard times as I aid the inflicted ones and respond to the ones in distress. I'm The Most Merciful of all"