Arrogance and Vanity

Luqman advised his son and said:

Son, abandon arrogance, vanity and pride and know that you are to dwell in graves.

Son, never show arrogance, vanity and pride that place you in the same home with Iblees.

Son, know that he who dwells in the same home of Iblees shall fall in servility neither alive nor dead.

 Son, Wayl is waiting the ones who have arrogance and pride. How can one be arrogant and he is made of clay and his end is in clay. Then he doesn’t know where he will end up. If he ends up in heaven he wins. If he ends up in hell he loses a great loss.

Son, how can one sleep and death awaits him? How can he be unaware when he is always under attention?

Son, the prophets of Allah and His sincere pure saints (pbut) died. So who would be left for immorality after them?

Son, Don’t walk gladly on lands. You will not breach earth and not reach the height of mountains.

Son, every day that comes is a new day witnesses you and will testify before The Generous Lord."