Bad Management Wastes Chances

Allah inspired to a prophet of His prophets in the first eras that there is a man in his nation who has three accepted supplications. The prophet went to his home and told his wife about that. His wife insisted on him to ask Allah to make her the most beautiful woman at that time. He asked Allah for that and so she became like that. When she realized that all the kings and wealthy young ment desire her, he started rejecting her old poor husband and started being rude and mean to him. Then he asked Allah to turn her into a dog and so she became a dog. Then his children started saying to him: "O Father, people are shaming us because our mother is a barking dog." So they were always crying and asking him to ask Allah bring her back as she was. He asked Allah to bring her back as she was at first and so all the three supplications were used for nothing.


Bihar Al-Anwar Book 14/485.