Doing Good Changes Fate

 A righteous man among the children of Isaraeel was married to a righteous woman. He saw in his dreams that Allah gave him certain years of life and that Allah decided that he lives half of his life in prosperity and the other half in hardship. He was told to choose which half does he prefer to live at first. The man said to the one in his dreams: " I have a righteous woman and she is my companion in living. So I will consult her. Come back to me later so that I tell you the answer."  In the morning the man told his wife about the dream. She said: "Choose the first half. Ask for wellbeing for that Allah might bestow mercy upon us and complete the blessings and bounties for us." On the second night. The man in his dreams asked him: "What did you choose?" He said: "I chose the first half." Man: "You shall have it." Thus he started living in prosperity and started gaining profits from every side of Donia. When he became wealthy, his wife said to him: "Why don’t you aid your relatives and the needy. You don’t you aid and give your neighbors and brothers." After the appointed half was finished, the man saw in his dreams the man that he saw in the first dream. He said to him: "Allah rewarded you because of that and you shall spend the next half of your life as you spent the first one."


Qisas Al-Jaza'iry Book 519.