Enduring Allah's Will

Sudeir reported that Imam Abou Abdellah (Pbuh) said: "The Children of Isareel came to Moussa (pbuh) and asked him to ask Allah to bestow rain when they want and to hold rain when they want. Moussa asked Allah for that and Allah said to him: " They shall have it."

Moussa told them and so they started plowing and planting. They didn’t spare one spot. Then they controlled rain as to grow the crops. The plants grew in huge volumes like mountains. Then they harvested, then plowed and planted again but it didn’t rain. They went to Moussa angrily and said to him: " We asked you to ask Allah to bestow rain when we want. Allah first responded to us but now He changed the rule against us." Moussa said: "O Lord, the children of Israeel became angry because of what You did to them." Allah said to Moussa: "What is that O Moussa?" He said: "They asked me to ask you to allow them to control rain. You made that happen for them but now you changed it to be against them." Allah said: "O Moussa, I used to make the measures for bestowments for Banu Israeel, but they didn’t accept My Will. Thus I responded to their will and this is what happened.""

Al-Kafi Book 5/262.