Four in The Face of Four

Roufa'a reported that he heard Imam Abou Abdellah (Pbuh) say: "There are four matters in Tawrat Book and four matters besides them:

Being sad over Donia is being discontent with the Lord.

Complaining about a calamity that happened is complaining about the Lord.

Going to a wealthy man in submission to earn an earthly profit leads to losing one third of faith.

The ones who go to hell and yet they used to recite Quran are the ones who used to hold the verses and signs of Allah up to ridicule.

The four matters that are besides them:

As you judge you shall be judged.

He who owns starts desiring to have everything for himself.

He shall regret he who doesn’t consult.

Poverty is the grandest death.


Amali Al-Toussi Book.