If You are grateful, I will grant you more

There was a servant among the children of Isareel who always failed to earn his livelihood. His wife was used to spend of her money so that they live till was left. One day he came to her and she gave him a wool net and told him to sell it to bring them something to eat. The market was closed when  he reached it. So he decided to go to the sea so that he washes and prays. When he reached the sea he saw a fisherman who had caught a fish before a long time and so the fish became smelly. He said: "give me this fish and I give you this wool-net in returns. It is good for your net." The fisherman accepted and so the man left carrying the fish to his house.

He told his wife what happened. She took the fish to fix it. When she opened the fish she found a pearl inside it. She directly called for her husband and showed it to him. He sold it in the market for twenty thousand dirhams and took the money back to his home. Then a beggar knocked their door saying: "O people of this house, give charity to the poor so that Allah bestows mercy upon you." The man: "Come in." He came in and so the man told him to take one of the two bags. He took one of them and left. The wife said: "Exalted is Allah. It is the first time we see prosperity and yet he gave away half of it." The door knocked in seconds and it was the beggar. The man told him to come in. He came in and brought with him the bag of money back and then said: "Congratulations to you. I'm an angel from the angels your Lord. Allah wanted to test you and He found you grateful." Then he left.