Lessons From The Life of Prophet Moussa (pbuh)

-Moussa said: "O Lord, what does he who visits a patient earn of rewards?" Allah said: "I order an angel to visit him and say in his grave till his resurrection."

-Moussa said: " O Lord, what does he who washes a dead person earn of rewards?" Allah said: "I extract his sins out of him as he was extracted from the womb of his mother."

-Moussa said: " O Lord, what does he who walks in funeral earn of rewards?" Alalh said: "I order angels carrying banners to walk behind him from Resurrection till he reaches his rank."

-Moussa said: " O Lord, what does he who consolidates afflicted people, earn of rewards?" Allah said: "I shall shade him with My shade on the day when there is no shade but Mine."

-Moussa passed by a man who was raising his hand in supplication. After seven days Moussa passed by him on his way back and saw him still raising his hand in supplication asking for a need he has. Then Allah inspired to Moussa: "O Moussa, if he supplicated till his tongue falls off I will never respond to him unless he comes to me through the door through which I ordered him to come."

-Allah inspired to Moussa: "Among my servants there are those who seek closeness to Me by doing a righteous deed and so I sentence them to go to heaven." Moussa said: "What is righteous deed?" Allah said: "Participating in serving a need for a faithful believer."

-When Moussa mounted up Al-Towr and invocated his Lord, he said: "O Lord, show me your treasures." Allah said: " O Moussa, when I want a matter I order it to be and so it appears. These are my treasures." Moussa said: "Which of Your creatures you detest the most?" Allah said: "The ones who accuse me." Moussa: "Are there creatures of Yours who accuse You?" Allah said: "Yes. They are the ones who consult me and the one whom I decide  their fate for what is best for them and yet they accuse Me."

-Allah inspired to Moussa: "I have servants whom I sentence them to abide in heaven." Moussa said: "Who are these servants?" Allah said: "everyone who gladdens a believer."