Lessons From The Words of Animals

A wild pigeon cried in the presence of Suleiman. He said: "Do you know what it is saying?" They said: "No." He said: "It said: "Prepare yourself for death and build for destruction."

A dove said: "I wish that the creatures weren’t created."

A peacock said: "What goes around comes around."

A hoopoe said: "He who has no mercy shall earn no mercy."

A shrike said: "Ask forgiveness from Allah O sinners."

A wild parrot said: "every alive is to die and every new is to become old."

A swallow said: "Do good and you will encounter goodness."

A pigeon said: "Exalted is my Lord The Highest, He is present in all the skies and lands."

A collared dove said: "Exalted is my Lord The Highest."

A crowned Sandgrouse said: "Everything is to perish but His face."
A parrot said: 'Woe is to those whose only concern is Donia."

A hawk said: "Exalted is My Lord and Praise be to Him."

A frog said: "Exalted is He who is remembered in every place."

A pheasant said: "The Most Gracious is firmly established on the throne." (1)

Suleiman's mother said to him: "Son, never sleep a lot. Sleeping a lot during the night makes the man poor on Resurrection Day."

Suleiman said to his son: "Son, never pretend a matter. It never benefits you and it excites enmity among brothers." (2)


(1) Bihar Al-Anwar Book 14/96.

(2) Tanbeeh Al-Khawatir Book 2/12.