Imam Abou Jaa'far (Pbuh) said: "While Moussa was walking on the coast, he saw a fisherman who came, prostrated to the sun, spoke words of polytheism and then throw the net into the sea. When he raised the net it was full of fish. He threw it again and also it was full of fish. Then he threw it for the third time and it was also full of fish. Then another man came. He did Wodou' (Ablution), prayed, thanked and praised Allah and then he threw the net into the sea. He didn’t catch any fish. He threw the net another time and caught one small fish. Then he thanked and praised Allah and then he left.

Moussa said: "O lord, You are giving all these to that servant even though he is an infidel while your faithful servant, you only brought him a small fish?" Allah inspired to Moussa to look to his right and uncovered his sight to see what Allah prepared for the believer. Then Allah inspired to him to look left and showed him what He prepared for the infidel. Then Allah said to Moussa: "What I gave for the infidel didn’t benefit him and what I preventing the believer from having it caused him no harm." Moussa said: "O Lord, Indeed who knows you must be content with what You did.""


Bihar Al-Anwar Book: 13/349 reporting from A'alam Al-Deen Book.