Moussa (pbuh) and Iblees

As Moussa was sitting, Iblees came to him wearing a colored shroud. Moussa said: "Who are you?" He said: "Iblees." Moussa said: "May Allah not allow to come closer. Why you are wearing this shroud?" He said: "I steal the hearts of humans with it."

Moussa said to him: "Tell me what sins that if humans commit it you control their hearts." He said: "If one liked himself. If he thought that he is doing good a lot. If he thought small of his sins."

Iblees then said: "O Moussa, don’t ever be alone with a foreigner woman. With everyone who sits alone with a foreigner woman I'm a companion. Don’t ever make a covenant with Allah. For everyone who makes a covenant with Allah, I will stay with him till be breaks the covenant. When you intend to give a charity directly give it. When a servant intends to give a charity, I stay with him as his companion till I prevent him from giving it."

Moussa once saw a man in the shade of the throne. He said to Allah: "Who is that whom you brought close till you placed him in the shade of the throne?" Allah said: " O Moussa, this man didn’t misbehave to his parents and didn’t envy people for what Allah gave them of his merit."


Bihar Al-Anwar Book 13/350.