Prophets Hazqeel and Dawood (pbut)

Once Dawood was reciting Al-Zabout Book while walking. When he used to recite Al-Zabour every mountain, stone, bird, and beast used to respond to him. On a mountain there was a worshiping prophet whose name is Hazqeel. When Hazqeel heard the mountains, beasts and birds he realized that Dawood is coming.

Dawood said: "O Hazqeel can I climb to you?" Hazqeel said: "No." Dawood (pbuh) then wept.

Allah inspired to Hazqeel: " O Hazqeel, allow Dawood to come to you and ask me for wellbeing." Then Hazqeel took Dawood's hand and raised him.

Dawood said: "O Hazqeel, did you ever think of committing a sin?" He said: "No." Dawood: "Did you ever feel vainglory because of worshiping Allah?" He said: "No." Dawood said: "Did you ever feel a desire to have a pleasure of Donia?" He said: "Yes. This might have crossed my heart." Dawood: "What do you do when you feel that?" He said: " I enter this tomb and learn lessons from it."

Dawood entered the tomb and found an iron coffin. On it there was an old dull skull and wretched bones.  There was also an iron plate that is written on it: "I'm Arwi Shlam. I ruled for one thousand years. I built one thousand cities. I broke the virginity of one thousand virgins. Yet my end was on his soil that became my bed. These stones are now my pillow and my neighbors are worms and snakes. He who sees me must never be deceived by Donia."


Bihar Al-Anwar Book 14/25.