The Ant and The Frog

Once Suleiman was sitting on the beach. He saw an ant carrying a wheat grain heading towards the sea. Suleiman kept looking at it till she reached the sea where a frog came out of water and opened its mouth for the ant to go in. Then the frog dived into water for a long time as Suleiman was thinking of and wandering at what he saw. Then the frog came out of water and opened its mouth. Then the ant came out of its mouth and didn’t have the grain with it. Suleiman called it and asked it about where it was and what it did. The and said: "O prophet of Allah, in the bottom of the sea that you see there is a hollow rock wherein there is a blind worm. I created it there and so she can't come out seeking its livelihood. Thus Allah ordered me to bring her food and so I carry it to it. Allah ordered this frog to carry me so that I don’t drown in water. The frog put its mouth on the hole in the rock so that I go inside. Then after I deliver the food I come out from the rock and settle back in the frog's mouth so that I take me out of the sea."

Suleiman (pbuh) said: "Did you hear it exalt?" The ant said: " I heard it say: "O You who doesn’t forget me with your livelihood in the hole of the  rock under this sea, don’t forget your faithful servants with Your Mercy."


Bihar Al-Anwar Book 14/93