The Bitterness Death

A group royal youth from the children of Israeel used to be worshipers. They were wandering in lands seeking to learn lessons. They passed by a old wretched grave. Nothing remained of it but its shape. They decided to ask Allah to revive the dead in that grave so that they ask him about death. They prayed saying: "O Allah, you are our god O our Lord. We have no other god but You. You are The Originator The Everlasting The One Never Unaware, The Alive who doesn’t Die. Every day in new Splendor You do shine. You know everything without being taught. Revive this dead man for us by your power."

The man came out of his grave shaking sand of his head, in great fear and looking towards the sky. He said to them: "Why are you standing by my grave?" They said: "We want to ask you: "How you found death?"" He said: "I stayed in my grave for ninety nine years. I never stopped feeling the pain and hardness of death. The bitterness of death was never out of my mouth." They said: "Were your hair and beard white when you died?" He said: "No, but when I heard the call: "Come out" my bones gathered into my soul. Then I came out astounded in terror from the scream of the crier. Then my beard and hair turned white."


The Branches of Al-Kafi Book 72.