The Blessings of Licitly Gained Livelihood

There was a poor man among the children of Israeel. His was started insisting that he should seek to earn livelihood. He prayed for Allah asking for livelihood. He saw in his dreams: "Which one do you prefer? Two dirhams that are gained licitly or two thousands that are gained illicitly?"

He said: "Two dirhams that are gained licitly." The man in the dreams said: "They are under your head." When he woke up he saw two dirhams under his head. He took them and bought a fish by one. Then he came back to his house. When his wife saw him, she blamed him and swore not to touch the fish. Thus the man started cutting the fish and so he found two pearls in it that he sold for forty thousand dirhams.


Qisas Al-Anbiya' Book.