The Bowing of Iblees

Imam Abou Abdellah (Pbuh) said: "When Allah gave the powers to Iblees, Adam said: "O Lord, you gave Iblees powers over my descendents and made him flow inside them as blood flows in veins. What shall my descendents have?" Allah said: "To you and your descendents the evil deed shall be counted as one and the righteous deed shall be counted as ten." Adam said: "O Lord, give me more." Allah said: "The chance of repentance will be opened till the soul reaches the throat." Adam said: "O Lord, give me more." Alalh said: "I forgive without caring." Adam said: "That is enough for me.""

One asked the Imam (Pbuh): "May I be sacrificed for your sake. How did Iblees deserve to be given all these from Allah?" He (Pbuh) said: "It is a matter that he did and Allah rewarded him for it." He asked: "What is it?" He (Pbuh) said: "Two Raka'a that he prayed in a duration of four thousand years in the sky."


Tafseer Al-Qummi Book.