The Conversation Between Yousuf (pbuh) and Zuleikha (Wife of Egypt's Leader)

When Zuleikha tried to Seduce Yousuf (pbuh), they had a conversation.

She said: "O Yousuf, how beautiful is your hair" He said: "It is the first thing to wear when I die."

She said: "O Yousuf, how pretty is your face!" He said: "Allah created my image in the womb. Soil will deform it."

She said: "The prettiness of your face weakened my body." He said: "Satan aids you on that."

She said: "O Yousuf, my garden is burning in fire. Come and put it off." He said: "If I extinguish it, it will cause me to burn."

She said: "O Yousuf, my garden is thirsty. Come and water it." He said: "He who has the key is the one worthy of watering it."

She said: "O Yousuf the silk carpet is spread for you. Come and serve my need." He said: "If I do, my share of heaven will be gone."

She said: "O Yousuf, come to me under the cover so that I veil you with it." He said: "Nothing veils me from Allah if I disobey him."

She said: "Put your hand on my chest so that you heal me." He said: "My master has the right to do that more than me."

She said: "O Yousuf, how beautiful are your eyes." He said: "They are the first thing in my body to melt in soil."

She said: "As for your master, you can give him the gold mercury to drink and thus his flesh will be torn apart and his bones will break. Then cover him and throw him in the store and no person would know about him. Then I give you all his dominion." He said: "The reward is given on the day of the reward."

She said: "O Yousuf, I have great amounts of pearls, rubies, aquamarine, and emeralds. I give you all of it so that you content your Master who is in the skies. Yet Yousuf refused that.


Majma' Al-Bayan Book 9/265

Qisas Al-Anbiya' for Al-Jaza'iry P:516