The Crying of Yousuf (pbuh)

When Yousuf was in jail and told his companion: "Tell your lord about me." Jibraeel came and stroke earth with his wing. He made a cleave that reached the seventh under-earth. He said to Yousuf: "Look and tell me what you see." He said: " I see a small stone." Jibraeel then broke the stone and said: "What do you see?" He said: " I see a small worm" Jibraeel said: "Who grants it its livelihood?" He said: "My Lord." Jibraeel said: "Your Lord says: "I didn’t forget this worm that is in that stone in the seventh under-earth. Do you think that I would forget you and so you said to that young man "tell your lord about me." You shall stay in jail for a few years because of what you said."" Yousuf started crying when he heard that till the walls started crying over his crying. People in the jail were harmed by that and so they agreed that he would cry one day and don’t in the other day. His conditions were worse on the day when he didn’t cry.


Qisas Al-Anbiya' Book.