The Evil End of Evilness

Al-Tubrosi quoting Ibn Abbass said: “ Barsis”, a faithful believer from Bani Israeel , worshiped Allah for a long time that he eventually could heal the insane by seeking refuge with Allah. An insane woman was once left at his house to heal her, but Satan kept on seducing him till he finally raped her. When he sensed that she got pregnant, he killed and buried her, and when he did this, Satan left him. Satan then met one of his brothers and told him that Barsis killed his sister and led him to her grave, and mentioned this for all her brothers, one by one, until the king heard of the news and investigated the monk, who admitted his sin, and thus was crucified. When he was hung, Satan came to him again and said: “ I caused you this, would you obey me so that I release you?” The man approved, so Satan said: “ Kneel to me once”, the monk replied: “ How would I kneel when I’m in this position". Satan answered: "It’s enough for me that you lean forward." Thus he did, and so he disbelieved in Allah, and died infidel.


Majma' Al-Bayan Book 9/265

Qisas Al-Anbiya' for Al-Jaza'iry P:516