The First Marriage And The First Dowry

When Allah created Hawwa after Adam (pbut), Adam looked at her and was relieved and pleasured. Adam said to Allah: "O Lord, What is this fine creature? Looking at her and being close to her relieved and pleasured me." Allah said: "This is my servant Hawwa. Would you like her to be with you, to talk to you and to follow your orders?" He said: "Yes, O Lord and I will thank and praise you for that as long as I live." Allah said: "Ask me to allow you to marry her. She is my servant and she is good for you as a wife." Adam said: "O Lord, I ask you to allow me to marry her. What shall I offer so that you accept this for me?" Allah said: "I will accept if you teach her the teachings of my religion." Adam said: " I will do it if you accept." Allah said: "I accepted and married you to her. Embrace her." Adam said to her: "Come to me." She said: "No, you come." Then Allah ordered Adam to go to her and so he did. If this didn’t happen, women would have come to men.


Qisas Al-Anbiya' Book for Al-Rawandy 58.