The Five Lights Inside Prophet Adam (pbuh)

Imam Hussein (Pbuh) said: "Allah created Adam and taught him the names of everything and then he told showed them to the angels. Allah made Mohammad, Ali, Fatima, Hassan and Hussein as spirits in the back of Adam. Their lights used to shine to the limits of skies, veils, heavens, chair and throne. Then Allah ordered the angels to prostrate to Adam to glorify him. Allah honored him by allowing him to have these spirits inside him and their light encompassed everything. Thus all of them prostrated except Iblees who refused to humble himself before the glory and greatness of Allah and he refused to humble himself before our lights Ahlul-Bayt even though all the angels did. Thus he was arrogant and his refusal and arrogance made him an infidel."


Bihar Al-Anwar Book 11/150.