The lessons Luqman About Evil Manners

Luqman said to his son:

"Son, Never have  quick frustration, evil manners and short patience. A man who has these traits is never straight. Always be deliberate in your matters. Train yourself on being good to your brothers and treat all people with good manners.

Son, never act niggardly on the expense of your brother and relatives by not treating them with good manners and generosity. He who has righteous manners is loved by the good ones and avoided by the obscene ones. Be satisfied with what Allah gives you. If you wanted to have the glory of Donia, never crave what is in the hands of people. The prophets and sincere saints reached what they reached by not craving what people have.

Son, don’t stop yourself with burdens and don’t occupy your heart with grief. Never be greedy. Accept the divine fate and be satisfied with what Allah gives you.

Son, the master of the morals of wisdom is the religion of Allah. Religion is like the fixed tree. Faith is its water. Prayer is its roots. Zakat is its trunk. Brotherhood in the cause of Allah is its branches. Righteous morals are its leaves and voiding sins is its fruits. The tree is not complete unless it has good fruits as well as religion. It is not complete in one unless he avoids sins.

Son, to everything there is sign by which it is recognized. The signs of religion are three: Chastity; Knowledge; Forbearance.


Qisas Al-Anbiya' Book for Al-Rawandy 196.