The lessons Luqman About Fear Of Allah

Luqman said to his son:

"Son, fear Allah even to an extent that even if you went to your grave carrying all the righteous deeds of humans and jinn you should also fear him. Plead Allah for forgiveness as if you are carrying the sins of all humans and jinn."

His son said: "How can I do that when I have one heart?"

Luqman said: "Son, the heart of a believer contains two lights. One light for fear and one light for pleading. They are equal as none is greater than the other even in an atom. He who believes in Allah must believe the words of Allah. He who believes the words of Allah must do what Allah commands.

He who has honest faith in Allah works in cause of Allah with honesty and sincerity. He who works in the cause with honesty and sincerity had indeed honest faith in Allah.

He who obeys Allah fears Allah. He who fears Allah loves Allah. He who loves Allah follows his commands. He who follows Allah's commands earns His heaven and contentment. He who doesn’t seek the contentment of Allah underestimates the discontentment of Allah. We seek refuge with Allah from the discontentment of Allah.

Son, fear Allah and don’t despair from His Mercy. Plead him as if you aren’t safe according to His plan.

Son, prohibit the self from following its desires. If you didn’t prohibit your self from its desires you will never go to heaven or see it.

He also said: "Prohibit your Self from its desires for Its destruction and perishment is in its desires."


Bihar Al-Anwar Book 13/412; 13/429.