The Lessons of Luqman about Travel

Son, travel with your sword, heels, turban, food and water, threads and needle, and take with you the medicines that benefit you and who are with you. Always agree with your companions except in disobeying Allah.

Son, when you travel with people always consult them about your and their matters. Always smile in their faces and be generous to them. When they call for you respond to them and when they seek your aid, aid them. Stay silent for long periods of time, pray frequently and let your Self be generous with what you have cattle, water and supplies to those with you. If they wanted you to testify the truth for them, do it.

If they consulted you, think thoroughly and don’t tell them your opinion until you prove it. Don’t give your opinion until you stand, sit, sleep, eat and pray while thinking of it using all your mind efforts and wisdom. He who doesn’t use all his mind efforts when advising one who sought his consultation, Allah takes his intelligence from him. When you see your companions walking walk with them. When you then working work with them and listen to who is older than you. If they asked you for something say: "Yes." Don’t say "No." It is mean. (1)

Son, don’t delay prayer when the time of prayer comes. Pray then rest. Prayer is a debt. Pray in a group even if the prayer was on sharp steel.

When you stop for rest pray two Raka'as before you sit. Also pray two Raka'as before you leave and greet the land that you were on and its inhabitants. Every spot of land is inhabited by angels. When you become close to your home dismount your cattle and walk. Then feed it before you feed you feed yourself. Never start your travel in the first ours of night. (2)


(1) Bihar Al-Anwar Book 13/422

(2) Qisas Al-Anbiya' Book.