The Lessons of Wisdom and Advices of Nouh (pbuh)

It was said to Nouh when he died: "How did you find Donia?" He said: "It is like a home with two doors. I entered through one and existed through the other."

When he was dying he said to his son: "I will enjoin you with matters and prohibit you from doing two matters."

As for the ones that I prohibit you from doing. They are Polytheism and Arrogance. None enters having an atom's weight of polytheism and arrogance in his heart.

As for the ones that I enjoin you with. I saw them frequently coming to Allah. They are : Saying 'There is no god but Allah.' and 'Exalted is Allah.' The saying of 'There is no god but Allah' breaches the seven skies and seven earths to reach its lord. It is heavier than the seven skies and seven earths and what are in them. I enjoin you with 'Exalted is Allah'. It is the prayer of creatures by which they are granted livelihood."


Amali Al-Sadouq Book: 306