The Mercy of Allah Is The Mercy Of His Saints

Once Prophet Dawood (pbuh) was sitting with a young man who looks poor who stays for a long time with Dawood saying nothing. The angel of death once came to Dawood. He greeted Dawood and looked for a long time at that young man. Dawood said: "You looked at him for a long time?" he said: "Yes. I was ordered to take his soul after seven days in this spot." Dawood felt pity and mercy for him and so he said: "Young man, do you have a wife?" He said: "No, I was never married." Dawood said: "Go to Man -who is a great man among the children of Israeel- and say to him: "Dawood orders you to marry me to your daughter." Go and marry her tonight. Take money you need for that from the treasury and go to her. Then come to me at this spot after seven days. The young man carried the message of Dawood to that man. He married his daughter and stayed with them for seven days. Then he came to Dawood in the eighth day. Dawood said: "How did you feel these days?" He said: "I never felt more glad and blessed than that I felt in these days." Dawood said: "sit down." The young man sat as Dawood was waiting for the angel of death to take his soul. Long time passed and the man was still alive and so Dawood said to him: "Go to your home and wife. Come to me at this spot after eight days." The man left and came after eight days and sat with Dawood. Another eight days passed and the man came to him and sat. The angel of death came to Dawood. Dawood said: "Didn’t you tell me that you were ordered to take the soul of this young man after seven days?" He said: "Yes." Dawood said: "twenty four days had passed and nothing happened." He said: "O Dawood Allah bestowed mercy upon him because you felt mercy for him and so Allah delayed his death till after thirty years."


Bihar Al-Anwar Book 14/38