The Three Signs

Imam Sadiq (Pbuh) said: "Luqman said to his son:

"Son to everything there are signs that mark and identify it

Religion has three signs:  Knowledge, faith and working according to it.

Faith has three signs: Believing in Allah, His Books and His Messengers.

The Knowledgeable has three signs: Having knowledge of Allah, knowledge of what Allah loves and what Allah hates.

The worshiper has three signs: Prayer, Fasting and Zakat.

The troublemaker has three signs: He fights the ones above him. He says what he has no knowledge of. He works with matter he can never earn.

The Unjust has three signs: He is unjust to who is above him with disobedience. He is unjust to who are below him by oppression. He aids the unjust.

The hypocrite has three signs: His tongue differs from his heart. His heart differs from his conduct. His apparent matters differ from his secrets.

The sinner has three signs: He betrays. He lies. He opposes what he says.

The pretender has three signs: He is lazy when he is alone. He is active when people see him. He is praised for every matter.

The envier has three signs: He gossips about the absent ones. He praises the ones present. He gloats over disobedience.

The extravagant has three signs: He buys what is not made for him. He wears what is not made for him. He eats what is not made for him.

The lazy has three signs:  he delays work till he rushes it. He rushes work till he is lost. When he is lost he sins.

The unaware has three signs: Oversight, mere play, forgetfulness."

To everyone of these signs there are thousands and thousands and thousands of branches. Seek knowledge day and night. If you want to relieve your soul and earn the good of Donia and the Hereafter don’t seek what is in the hands of people, remind yourself with death, don’t think of yourself as greater than anyone and hold your tongue as you hold your money."


Al-Khisal Book 1/60 - Bihar Al-Anwar Book: 13/415.