The Virtue of Work and Humbleness

Al-Sheikh Al-Tabrasi states in Majma' Al-Bayan Book: The companions of Prophet Issa (pbuh) used to go with him in his journeys. Whenever they were hungry or thirsty they saw water and food prepared in front of them by the command of Allah. They thought of this as a great pride for them. They asked Prophet Issa about it: "Is there anyone who is better than us?" He said: "Yes. The ones who work with their hands and earn the food they eat are better than you." Because of that, they started working by washing the clothes of people.

Issa bin Mariam (pbuh) said: "O companions of mine, I need you to do something for me." They said: "It is done O Soul of Allah." Thus he came to them and washed their legs. They said: "We are the ones who must do that O Soul of Allah." He said: "The one who is most worthy of being served is the knowledgeable. I'm being humble so that you stay humble in front of people as you are humble in front of me. Humbleness grows wisdom and not arrogance as crops grow in the valley and not the mountain."


Bihar Al-Anwar Book 14/278